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Question (November 2012) - what do you think about "Anonymous??". its said that they are controlled opposition?

Donald Marshall  - some anons are illuminuts, double agent like,... they sometimes run anti illuminati websites themselves to find problem people get them cloned and ruin their lives and sometimes get them killed, like Page on FB here called flip the pyramid,... I told as many anons as I could find...


Donald Marshall (December 2012) - Those clowns are fucking useless... Think theyre computer hackers,... The illuminati cloned chinese type programs around them FROM the coning center AS clones... Lol Chinese got them in the computer field easily... AND Anonymous bigwigs ARE illuminati double agents lmao. Theyre about to reveal something big real or not to make the public panic so they can declare martial law and prohibit protesting rights... Alllll according to plan. Buncha teenagers playin halloween with the same friggin costume.