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Army Of Light

Donald Marshall - They consider everyone on my friends list the "Army of Light" from revelations. Your all basically untouchable, they think they will uncur the wrath of God and suffer misfortune if they harm us... I KNOW it sounds silly guys,... but its what they believe and I have to repeat it,...just so you all know.

95% of the illuminati think the people helping me are the prophesied "army of Light" seriously and as such are afraid to cause harm to you. sounds absurd but youre all safe they think the almighty will cause them misfortune and strife exactly, "they will suffer the entire ruin"

the illuminati say,.... Everyone helping me expose this are part of this prophetic army of light and special people I guess

All of you reading this are something very special... :) You may not realize it but many in the world in high places hold you in high regard... you will see in the end... Some people at cloning call my helpers the "Army of Light" Some people call you all "The Blessed Union of Souls"... it's kinda a big deal... :)