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Blocked Memories & The Awakening

Brady Avery - Do most people who have clones get an awakening at age 30

Donald Marshall - Around that age, yes. Some get their memories un repressed sooner.

because, you can be memory suppressed right... thennn train 20 years in melee and ranged warfare... then at 30 get "the Awakening" when they allow you to remember and it like speed uploads to your brain.

all the memories of training night after night... an you remember it then... can't forget.

takes time though,... it's not an instant download, you actually have to practice stuff... what an overload when they give you your "awakening"... and unrepress your memory... it's like getting all this info all at once, but its years worth.


"awakening". (unrepressed memory)...

they unrepressed my memory... I got smarter in real life and as a clone there... the memory repression was like sapping my intelligence by like 20-25%... they call it an awakening... doesn't actually make u smarter, just gives you back smarts that are like withheld... think faster and clearer... before I had a haze on my brain that I thought everyone had... was there all the time so just was normal to me... haze is gone now... thats how it works.

having your memory unrepressed so you can totally recall the clone center, they call it "the awakening".