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Donald Marshall - Intro

Donald Marshall

Astral Light - Illuminati prisoner Donald Marshall is being taken to the cloning centers against his will and they are torturing him there. People (including innocent children) are being used as sex slaves and are being tortured there as well. Don needs as many people as possible to help him inform the world about the Illuminati's secrets: Human Cloning, Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards, Parasited Human Hosts and Dead Chipheads. Please help rescue those that are trapped and silenced with the threat of endless torture and death by sharing Donald Marshall's information and videos. The sooner this all becomes global, the sooner everyone will know the truth and those that are trapped will be freed.

He's been at the Illuminati-controlled cloning centers for over three decades. He pretended to be their (the Illuminati) friend to gain as much knowledge as possible about them, their technology and what they do...only to betray them, revealing their secrets to the world in an effort to give humanity a fighting chance.

Donald Marshall - It [the Cloning Centers] is basically a torture and child molesting factory, I was one of those children but when I was young to keep the perverts off of me I started singing songs... original songs, very good ones, they told me to keep making these songs and I wouldn't get hurt, and so I did, then they started bringing me there everyday for songs as the celebrities wanted more, they called me the goose that layed the golden egg, the phenomenon, but I ran out of ideas, then the torture began. They smashed my face to start, throwing me around scaring me a 5 year old never letting me remember in real life until I turned 30. The torture worsened until I was being stabbed and burned and repeatedly sodomized. At age 30 they allowed me to remember these clone memories and now everytime I enter R.E.M sleep I am there, I don't have dreams only clone memories, they made the movie "The Island" and "Inception" about this subject. They think they're very sly and untouchable.

Astral Light - His song-making ability seemed to attract many celebrities and high-profile people. Everyone wanted to meet the "magic song kid/guy." They used this to lure people, so they can be droned as well.

They want to use him (because they’re cowards) to expose: Human Cloning, Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards & Parasited Human Hosts. He wasn't suppose to talk about Chipheads though. They don't like that he mentioned the gold thing and they don't like when he talks about the time-distortion tech (Project Pegasus bouncing back time) that they have.

Question - Hey Donald do you have any kids?

Donald Marshall - 1 daughter 14 never see her. they have cloned her, she doesn't retain the memory. Yet. Theyve done much... tried to see if she can make songs, she cant... theyve tried to psychologically destroy me. She has been there often... raped and tortured her in front of me... just to see my reaction... she isnt mistreated now, she has joined them and my ex family and has tortured me herself there while Im in restraints. If she was to say she loved me or spoke up for me she would be mistreated... her mother was a clone sex slave since childhood too, we met by chance. My daughter knows I'm her dad,... its a program Elizabeths been running for years decades, anyone that likes or speaks up for Donny her most hated person on Earth is mistreated terrorized sometimes hurt sometimes killed... its videotaped and shown to others to discourage anyone from helping me... everyone is subconsciously predisposed to hate me in order to feel safe, a spinoff of stockholme syndrome...

Question - I can understand even more now when you say you want to free everyone you must mean your daughter mostly?

Donald Marshall - mostly


Donald Marshall (October 2012) - Elizabeth asking me how she will be spared... prime evils there looking for a way out... a contingency plan... they were certan I would sugarcoat,... and decieve the world... masquerade as Jesus in this master plan of theirs... I said I would,... then got my memory unrepressed and betrayed hard...:) :)

All it takes is a push of a button on computer at the cloning center to unrepress your memory, and depending on how much content they sometimes have to gradually give you the back memories or you go nutsy. they WANTED me to expose vrill n drones... and cloning... but wanted to not kill all vrill n drones or shut down all cloning centers and sugarcoat events that transpire there... play the savior but help them run the world from a "shadow seat" in the stands of the cloning center, where the same stuff would happen but world would look to me as savior n stuff... they wanted to go along with prophecies and use me to control the population somewhat and try to institute rules they want and like be a religious figurehead.... now \i had been memory repressed for like 25 years since age 5 and really wanted to get out and get help, get it all stopped... contd---> they could somehow tell what your thinking sometimes,... they truth serum ya and scan yer brain with tech... now after watching murders and kids dyin eaten n stuff I knew I HAD to find a way... was imperative... but they knew how to get the truth... so kind of like stockholme syndrome, (love your captors) I had to half convince myself that I liked them, the organization and world leaders were my friends and surrogate family... I had to convince myself of this, (and it was difficult) because they test you so much to see if youll talk,... they dont care if you do its just they dont want to have to kill you... SO singing to them, slappin 5 with Moammar Ghaddafi there... all of them... I held them in awe with the songmaking ability,... I had to devise a way... cuz no one escapes... but I would find a way... cont'd--->they didnt want to kill me, they wanted to use me for their plan... but they wanted me IN on the plan... they wanted no complications.... SO was so monotonous... tested nightly for a while... had to psychologically convince myself they were my surrogate family... fool myself almost like... was the only way... they unrepressed my memory... I got smarter in real life and as a clone there... the memory repression was like sapping my intelligence by like 20-25%... they call it an awakening... doesn't actually make u smarter, just gives you back smarts that are like withheld... think faster and clearer... before I had a haze on my brain that I thought everyone had... was there all the time so just was normal to me... haze is gone now... thats how it works. so found out all i needed to know, what it was who was in charge who ran stuff techs they had... \i'm like the worst curious george... when I figured I knew all neccessary info I let it loose... but didnt know where to go... beginning sucked... they were ready... only thing they dont have is internet... and theyre workin on that... they talk about anything and everything... see Brad Pitt is there.... Madonna is there.... and just about any super celeb u can think of is there... SO also the politicians are there, biggest world leaders.... this is where it went way haywire... politicians showing off power to pretty celebs... allowing celebs to add their political 2 cents worth... celeb feels smart, semi worldly powerful... and the politicians get to help make movie lines ideas and sometimes lines in songs... and feel "cool" like a celeb.... well it progressed... they upped the ante... oh its "cool" to be evil... oh he is way more evil than him... oh he's way evil look what he just did,... oh ya think THATS evil? look what I just did.... but i messed the plan up. they wanted to avoid prosecution... blame lizards n drones. kill off a few clones of "evil" world leaders to make it look good to the public, blow up a "few" cloning centers and have same status quo BUT have a Jesus savior like figure to play religious figurehead and have me help them assert more control over the "ignorant masses" lol I could NEVER do that... death first. but i told them I would... they believed me wholeheartedly... i was desperate to escape,... I was so convincing... serenading Elizabeth the cannibal demon queen, like I loved her... I convinced myself... acted well... the world was depending on me,... it was so movie like feeling... like judgement day... From an early age I felt like I had a secret mission from God to infiltrate them accumulate information and destroy them from the inside out... everyone was scared... played evil... it was obvious... and it was because of Vrill. n drones... whoever was evil went far in life... so they all went super evil... and the lucifer stuff was like a stupid taboo club... oooh against the church oooh.... it was more taboo years ago when the church was more popular... now with finding out cannibalism gives u human equivalent of mad cows disease and inbreeding makes yer gene pool damaged they know lucifer stuff is all lies... lucifarian stuff sez cannibalism n inbreeding makes you powerful... killing n raping kids too... killing your own firstborn son in a ritual sacrifice... they know its all lies... they fear real God now.... recently said they realise their mistake... with prophecies and stuff... they said they didnt realize it but they are the fornicators mentioned in the Bible... and with all the metaphors in prophecies and stuff (there are a lot) they say they are afraid of actually going to whatever the lake of fire is... they fear the end of the world,... and Elizabeth fears a terrible end... sez her n Phillip get it bad... mentions them by name n everything... the great duke , even sez phillips name... and the harlot being Elizabeth,... her and her corrupted lords of filth and perversion n stuff... so NOW they wanna give up Vrill and come clean but they dont wanna get killed themselves... people been hinting about the parasites n stuff in movies n song your whole life... hoping someday it'd be cleaned up. Secret of Vrill is no longer a secret... It's all coming together nicely,... all comes clean in the wash.

Donald Marshall @ The Library (2012)

Donald Marshall @ Miami Beach (April 27, 2014) 

Donald Marshall - Sunday, November 2, 2014