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Targeted Individuals (T.I.'s)

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MK Ultra Targeted Individuals (T.I.'s)


The human body is an 'electromagnetic organism' and, as such, each organ of the body 'VIBRATES' at a different frequency of electromagnetic energy.

By varying the frequency and intensity of each beam of energy, CIA Operatives can manipulate each region and organ of the human anatomy.

Donald Marshall - and then there is manipulating clones of you when your oblivious during R.E.M sleep stage.

Astral Light (to Donald Marshall via private message) - so when they "zap" people, y'know mess with them remotely...does this require a clone? like do they do stuff to a clone of you and while your awake you feel the effects of what they did to a clone of you or something? how does that work?

Donald Marshall - they have stuff to mess you up if you have a clone or even if you don't,... beams from satellites and stuff...

Stop Electronic Weapons Stop Gang Stalking:

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  1. In 2006 in my town there were some shock experiences and some people would say,that person is crazy and things like that. I swore our town was a government test town. There was some cloaking device testing and also hologram sightings also and things were off the wall. We didn't say much about those things because of the crazy factor and other things would happen. 2008, on the History channel the cloaking was exposed as meta material and at that moment we realised that everything we experienced was real. Most people won't except the truth and so we don't talk about it. Anyway I rely on God for protection