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Brittany Murphy

Anna Ash (Mon. June 10, 2013) - Do you know anything about the death of Brittany Murphy?

Donald Marshall - yep. 

Anna Ash  - What happened?

Donald Marshall - host,... eye buggin out too bad... nothing could be done, consciousness recorded on chip and died on purpose and had friends insert the chip into a clone or a victims head, it lives again

Anna Ash  - And her husband?

Donald Marshall - unknown.

Katie Wright Whale Song  - why did the drone die?

Donald Marshall - Drone died. Unless she was chip head already, in which case the chip insertion caused eye swelling... Brain swelling on one side will pop an eye out further too. Next body. No biggie to them.

She died intentionally... Still lives on with consciousness chip flawed recording.

Donald Marshall (August 2014) - Actress Brittany Murphy's eye way OUT lIke lol. Before she had them off her...She's in someone else's body now... An 18 year old brunette.