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Donald Marshall - the chemtrails you all talk about have an airborne vaccine to the Zombie virus... the few outbreaks were intentionally set... not contagious in these cases, they have the option of making it local or congagious,... NOW, this hasbeen done to 1 say that black people who are closer in biological similarity to Arabs are susceptable to this disease and no other races are at risk... then as there are NO chemtrails over the middle east but exhaust from jet aircraft they will unleash thks virus upon te middle east, just as I said months ago... they want to kill off as many arabs as possible to depopulate the planet as theyve said it is the only way to save the economy and arabs are the prime nemesis of the Illuminatti,... then when arabs are eating each other they plan to repatriate blacks to africa saying theyre at risk of going zombie,... arabs too... they wanted me to go along with this plan Wanted me to play Jesus in the end and help them institute a new one world religion and government, this must not happen, I will not comply, I am not Jesus,...

the chemtrails people they'll keep you from eating brains... ignore this and you are a fool! act and you are a hero of the human race. Hurry. there is no time.

Have you ever noticed there are no chemtrails over the middle east???

Now i dont know if this is bs or not but they said chemtrails contain an airborne antidote to a manmade virus

notice there are no chemtrails over the middle east except for fighter jets and normal exhaust and vapor from commercial airlines over there... no spraying over there...

NOW, You may remember I told you all that there was an antidote to the Zombie virus in chemtrails, and remember when blacks were eating peoples faces in the states supposedly due to the drug "bath salts"? But then when I revealed the plan the face eating stopped? Also just to make it look like it wasn't exclusive to black people the Illuminati had a Chinese guy and a white guy do it at the end??? Notice no more face eaters?

China had a virus that affected Caucasian people anyway to retaliate with. NO GO.

? - Morgellons is Silent Superbug, and Fiber Disease

Donald Marshall - they're in chemtrails. supposedly

there is an ingredient in chemtrails and lots of stuff even toothpaste that suppresses the pineal glands of humans..

Check out information about the Zombie Virus to understand this better: