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Dalai Lama

Donald Marshall - Dali Lama is totally down with Vrill and parasited hosts... he is a puppet that will say and do whatever they want him to, to ensure his own safety. He attends the cloning center everytime he sleeps, messes unsuspecting people's clones up... for sport. Does a lot of evil stuff there... Tibetan monks (atleast the leadership) have been down with Vrill for hundreds of years... buddhists say that since vrill are natural creatures, they deserve to live and since they parasite brains as a natural part of their biology some of the fools think vrill lizards have the right to drone human brains... Dali Lama is totally loyal to the Illuminati... he doesnt speak slow with broken english, that is a show... he talks fast and speaks english very well... but says when he talks slow and meaningful it affects people in a more awe inspiring way or something, I dunno I hate that guy bad, once the world knows about him the world will hate him too.

The Dalai Lama fully endorses and promotes "Project Avatar" and misleads the world into thinking that it is not in the advanced stages already. The Dalai Lama is an opportunist. He is not what he makes himself out to be.

Dalai Lama has requested that they kill me to silence me.