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Flat Earth

Donald Marshall (Mon. January 25, 2016) - I don't care about flat earth. Flat earth doesn't torture me or will kill me. Can find out about flat earth in the end. Flat earth theory is a theory. Cloning I know is true for certain.

Again. I don't want anything to do with flat earth theory or any theory. Not my concern.

Lastly I don't give a shit about flat earth theory or any "theories".


Ari Rautio (Tue. December 29, 2015) - Isn't it good that they spread info? Do you know what is Donald Marshall's opinion about flat earth?

Laurence Mountford - Not if you associate it with insanity like that of the flat earth theory. It seems to just be bullshit they tack on to anything they want to discredit. Its the Tin Foil Hat of Conspiracy Theories. If you actually listen to any flat earth mofo, they have no evidence to back their claims. Don's stuff you can easily prove, But you know what I would do If I were involved in the Illuminati and wanted to dissuade people from Dons info but wanted to make it look like I Didn't. I'd associate Donald with the Flat Earth Theory. Its the Most Believable shit put right next to the most Unbelievable shit. Which causes issues in my opinion with trying to get any large groups of regular people savvy to the fkin Cause!


Laurence Mountford (Mon. January 4, 2016) - Montel you aint benefiting no one associating us with flat earth. Its poison to Don's cause if we want to get LOTS of people interested. Anything to do with flat earth and most people just turn away instantly. I don't thank you for that.