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I'm The Only One Aliens Won't Kill

Sean Gatchell (March 2014) - Funny, I imagine it being so hard for people to keep up with all this rapid change in worldview. The cabal really had to cram all this stuff in last-moment, didn't they. They're entirely dependent on you.

Donald Marshall - I'm the only one alienz wont kill. only one in the whole world...well thats at cloning that knows.

Katherine A Blanchflower - I would think they would like to drink your blood for power..they are afraid of you?

Donald Marshall - Yep, they're kinda scared of me, aliens think I have some kind of link to the creator of the Universe. Humans at cloning support this notion to keep me alive long enough for me to raise the alarm. the cowards help with hinting and making reference movies lol Puttin my name on stuff.