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Dream Manipulation

Donald Marshall - Here we go! :) New Terror Tool - Induced Dreams 

“Our Liberty and Freedom are so far gone that the governments have now given themselves permission to even invade our minds while we sleep!!”

yep, they have different methods though. I'll describe em.

one is rem cloning, you in an organic copy of yourself, pre drugged so you'll feel fuzzy, and Mk Ultra visuals all around you like a movie, it is very real looking, and the drugs make it seem more real.

another is all illusion, like a dream, but they can shape that dream into whateverthey want, also involves Mk Ultra visual and audio effects, but there is no solidity to it, you cant be harmed, you can be terrified into a heart attack, and if you get hurt in this "scenario" your mind will think it is real and "extrapolate" meaning your mind will trick you into feeling the pain, but it's false pain, kinda like imagining what that would have felt like

they may try to say they can only do this mind trick... but the solid organic clone duplicates are more effective for interrogation if they want to know something about you, and then theres the torture for sport and the sex slavery.