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Email I Sent To The Government & Others

Hi, I’m sending this e-mail to inform you that I and many know of the existence of Vril lizards (which reside deep below the Earth’s surface) and cloning. The Vril Type 1 lizards are used for droning people against their will. The transition from lizard body to human body kills the human consciousness that housed the body and the lizard’s consciousness effectively takes full control turning it to a willing slave with no compassion. The Vril lizards are carnivorous and have the ability to turn a human into a “parasited host” via their proboscis (the Quill) thus making them a huge threat to our species.

We’re aware of the cloning technology and the cloning centers/stations that are used above and below ground to torture innocent people, drone people and for death sports. Also, we know about those that cheat death and live again via the “Soulstone”, which is a microchip that has a flawed copy of one’s consciousness and everything that they are on it.

Donald Marshall has been tortured by clone continuously for years and years. He has suffered a great deal of pain along with many others. The truth has been brought to light by this courageous young man who always had a strong desire to save the planet from enslavement. Lets not let his undying love for humanity and endless torture be for nothing.

We demand that the governments of the world, the New World Order/the Illuminati publicly admit to the world that the information that has been presented by Donald Marshall is a fact and that they do something about it A.S.A.P. Those that are trapped and silenced with the threat of clone torture and death need to be freed. The following must take place sooner rather than later: the cloning needs to be stopped, the cloning centers/stations need to be shutdown, “chipheads" need to be deactivated, the drones (hosts of Vril) need to be killed and the Vril lizards need to be eradicated. I understand the potential for chaos and panic across the globe but it’s imperative that this be not held secret any longer for the sake of humanity and the future of our species.

If I did it over again, I would've worded it better (yes, I know it's not perfect) and been more descriptive but this was in the beginning...