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Originally posted on September 25, 2014 by me...

Guys like Donald Marshall said "THIS IS NO HOAX THIS IS NO JOKE". This is unfortunately real, I'm at the cloning centers. I don't want to be there but I am there. I've been there for almost a decade as far as I'm aware. As I've said before, I seen Donald Marshall there too. There is real pain that you can feel there, I've felt it. They usually have my pain sensors off almost all the time. Once in a while they put it on low and at least once, I would say it was at medium/normal pain. Yesterday, they told me they have my vital signs. Celebrities and politicians are there, I've seen them myself and talked to them (well not really the latter). Those that are not even famous or anything (like myself for example) are there as well. They can make you see anything with mk ultra. Things that are done there does in fact affect your real body and it doesn't feel good either. The mind control and remote release of drugs is real too.

The Groundhog Day tech (bouncing back time) seems to be real as well. I've had really strong Déjà vu as if I actually remembered doing some things.

I'm not on Facebook, Google + or whatever to have fun or play games, I'm on here/there to spread the truth. Keep on spreading the information in every way possible. This all must be stopped A.S.A.P.