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How To Detect A Host Of Vril

How to detect a Parasited Human Host of Vril or a Drone:

- CT scan or MRI scan to see the damage that was done to the brain during the droning process.

- Possibly with a blood sample.

- One may have an eye that pops out (or even two but usually just one). 

- If they have kids, their kids will usually have deformities.

- Don said, “hosts will lose their hair with age and the skin starts getting rashy, like Rosacea.”

Donald Marshall - sometimes it [eye] pops outward sometimes inward, only real way to be sure is cat scan or mri.

sometimes it makes the persons eye stray so it looks like theyre cockeyed or walleyed... and after years sometimes in some drones they eye sinks in...

Celine O'carroll - was asked if you know anything about the coloured dots on mailboxes Don....

Officer Jack McLamb Exposes FEMA Death Camps & mailbox dots. He also confirms 911 was an inside job.

Donald Marshall - heard 2 things... to point out problem people,... and also heard it was to point out vrill hosts.