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Iron Savior: Rise Of The Hero

Donald Marshall - it's so staged...

[Iron Savior Rise Of The Hero Tracklist]

Laura Coffey - Greatest Reality Show In at Least 4 Galaxies Baby! The Beauty, the Horror... the Love the Sorrow, the Hero the Villains, the creatures, Star Wars movie, the DRAMA... the Fear... the Signs... the Songs... the Life the Dream... the Surprise Ending... ;-)

Donald Marshall - Laura... it's like that...I didn't do what they wanted me to though... and their soap opera is fucked now. well, salvagable. but i am resolute.

Laura Coffey - the Rebel Prince...

Donald Marshall -I won't be part of a staged scam or decieve the world placing it in peril, not for fame riches or safety.

nah,... they at cloning call me neverprince sometimes...aid I was born King... :P hay... just sayin what they said...

Laura Coffey - They make everything about being a King or a God

Donald Marshall - like never been a prince... lol

yep, or demi God I'm justa mere mortal. um coo doh.

Donald Marshall -

Donald Marshall - i shaped music genres over the past 30 odd years...evolved em. wait till you see ALL I've done... :P

Laura Coffey - You did a great job... it will be recorded forever...

Donald Marshall - I know... :) they want it to be too.... the illuminasty 

turns out the only hope aliens had was if I was as in the prophecy says fall to despair... (commit suicide) that was the only way they had a chance. because for some retarded reason they all say I'm the only one on Earth with the authority to banish aliens space ones and underground ones from bothering us... for either 1000 or 2000 years. I told you stuff was getting retarded at cloning now lol. theres even more... way more.... mannnnn. ambassador to aliens? lol I dont like the job but everyone else that talks to them has no say they figure.... just because I made all the songs and ideas smart stuff...aliens say they're bond by prophecy. they believe in a creator of the universe. and think if they kill me the 'creator " will mess them up with comets n this n that. they talk a lot. everyone there is afraid elizabeth and vladamir too they all revere me. kinda I reduced the fear there... I punched aliens in the face and bit ESPECIALLY the nephelim think i have the authority bravery is big with them...the multiple creatures underground have wars... nephelim and draconians don't like each other...the fleas and vrill type ones breed rapidly and are spreading and getting into nephelim territories... population problems underground...I said let's just kill everything down there....easy breezy

Laura Coffey - No pressure Don.. but you could be the one deciding the surface war... I hope you can work something out... :D Please...

Donald Marshall - course.

Laura Coffey - Like ta NOT die... from radiation or ya know painful stuff... 

Donald Marshall - aliens will offer to fix fukushima. a neutron bomb of some kind has been discussed... it just disintegrates everything... I don't know everything it does... it's been talked about there though... as a possibility. also alienz say they couuuld fix it... but they want to be accepted as friends lol... aliens r crazy.

Hippie Lovegods - Donald Marshall "aliens will offer to fix fukushima" i > i figured that had been the case for awhile,,,,,but the "TERMS" weren't acceptable ~~~

Alicia Stanley - Did you come up with the whole bitches and hos rap stuff? That is too funny?

Donald Marshall - yes a lot of it.

Alicia Stanley - Too funny!! A white boy came up with that!!! My friends will never believe it!