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Julia Roberts

Donald Marshall (June 2014) - [Julia Roberts] Attends cloning a lot. Has bothered me a lot.

Tricia Mills Baehr - I can hear her now in her fake southern drawl, "They'll never believe you Donny, I'm America's sweetheart!" Ugh!

Donald Marshall - A few have said that very same thing.


Celine O'carroll (September 2014) - question in forum.......

I'd like to know what really happened with Julia Robert's sister's death. I don't really believe she killed herself, seems staged somehow. also what really happened to little UK girl Madeline MacCann. if they ever talked about it at the cc.

Donald Marshall - Julia Roberts is a rotten thing. Had tried to start a trend years ago by not wearing deodorant or antiperspirant. Smelliest cover girl of them all. Her newest problem is the development of a mole under her eye. Unknown about her sister. The little girl had sparked interest with the illuminati and vrill because she had a unique eye coloration in one eye that looked a little slitted like a lizards would be. She was probably lizard food.


Šubic Jana (July 2013) - ????

Donald Marshall - she gotta cause a stir,... all eyes on you Julia. attention attention lol


Donald Marshall (Tue. November 20, 2012) - Mel [Gibson] and Julia both know about cloning n vrill lizards... both illuminuts.

Carrie Stevenson - You would think they would go crazy knowing that stuff surely?

Donald Marshall - they do, they self medicate, they both hope I'll succeed so they wont have to attend the cloning center again