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Lil' Wayne

Donald Marshall - he is at cloning regularly, he can freestyle but he copied me mostly back then... like the "Milli" song... was all me, I even stuck hints in it, LOL! even a hint about elizabeth.... don't play in her garden n don't smell the flowers... They are aware it is from me, they help make the songs sometimes as clones. Not channeling... rambling, and trying to think up rhyming words on the fly... they used to force me as clones to snort cocaine and take adrenaline injections... helps... Lil Wayne is a remade Pharoah Tutankamun. yeah.

Lil Wayne the rapper still has that bubbled out back of his head, it's why he has dreadlocks and you'll never see him without them... it covers the deformity

Lil Wayne the rapper is a remake of King Tut.Wayne has the same problem with his skull in the back protruding way out, thats why he has the dreadlocks always and will never lose them. it's a very noticible disfigurement. check out the back of his head... the mummy and wayne lol... it shows it in google skull autopsy of king Tutankamun... its the reason lil wayne has braids and will never cut his hair short...uses the braids to cover the back of his skull,.. cuz it comes oooouut. a replication clone. Of someone dead... it's been done a lot

need to cut the dreadlocks off and look at the back of Lil Wayne's head. wanna see what the back of Lil Waynes head looks like? It's malformed and elongated, thats why the dreads, you will never see the back of the guys head. I'll pop a pic.

Pops out like that pretty bad, The pic is cranial and facial reconstruction of King Tutankamun. They told me a long time ago at the cloning center that Lil Wayne isn't even a real person, He is a replication clone, grown from a baby and is just a body double of King Tut, with new upbringing and education, he remembers nothing of Egypt or that past life. They did this with many famous people from the past if they could find their remains, Even gunfighters from the old west, saying they wanted to use them for movies or politics saying they have stage presence or the person in the past had a face that inspired loyalty and trust, so they get the person into politics. I didn't want to mention this part as it sounds so whacky, and is a different sphere of cloning I don't know much about.

he's a replication clone of a human being. Also it is possible that he's a vrill parasite host, as they drone them sometimes. flawed. they all are. side effect.

he's just made kinda like test tube baby then implanted, gets born grows up... no memory of being pharoah... new environment n upbringing... he's a primitive human though,... people were way dumber 5000 years ago...

it's one reason a bunch of the rappers are into Ancient Egyptian stuff... theres a bunch of them...

Made a bunch [songs] for him too... He caused me great pain as a clone and is one of the members tha is pushing to have me killed because he knows when everything is in the open he is doomed...

probably gonna fake his death, so people won't check out the back of his skull and find out that he's a technological freak of nature. LOL he even named an album "I am not a human being" and he isn't. He is a clone of a human being.

Wayne owe's me some chunka change and I plan to collect. So don't go leaving it all to the surrogate momma Wayne, daz ma paper g LOL Know wut um sayn? know wut um sayn? lol YAW!

Adair Dfwtf Sheppard - What the Hell??

Lil Wayne admits he was raped as a child by Birdman,, and that he enjoyed it

Donald Marshall - Yep, Wayne be down wit da fella's... lol

Ryan DeathPunch Sorokowsk - wow so i was on youtube watching a video and at the bottom of the video there is an advertisement for a new album of lil wayne called i am not a human being

Donald Marshall - yep... human clone... of someone thats been dead a long time... theres many of them. even worse sometimes they are made to be hosts of Vrill too.