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Mark Zuckerberg

Donald Marshall (Mon. June 24, 2013) - Zuck doesn't like Vrill either. Zuckerberg will be in the freedom parade.

Alex Bravo - really ? .. has he embraced the spirit of The 99 % ? ..

Donald Marshall - Yep He provided a weapon for humanity to use against evil.


Šubic Jana (October 2013) - 

Donald Marshall - Maybe related, Snowden is a tool of theirs.


Donald Marshall (October 2012) - Zuckerberg goes, hates Vrill,... Knows what I'm doing and has promised me I won't be deleted as long as no racial hate or threats posted... He designed his symbol for facebook after a symbol I made when I was 13... Turns out I didn't make it, It's an old holy symbol, Cathar or something.
The one with the arrows going everywhere...ill post the pic

And then the one I thought up at age 13... Only its gold and a hole in the center of the star.....

I thought it up when I was making songs at age 13 for the red hot chili peppers... Their symbol was an asterix... Same symbol, no arrowheads or hole in center.... A gaming company called Warhammer started using it and called it the symbol of chaos... Then my swordfighting name there was chaos... Even at age 13 I was planning this... The hole in the center being me,... The nothing no one... Surrounded by golden truth spreading out in all directions... To save the world...
Ornate or plain... It means the same thing..

Elizabeth said it was the mark of the beast... And that I'm the antichrist... Was as good an excuse she could think of to torture a child...