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Pineal Gland

Donald Marshall - They have the brain totally down now,... People say the brain is so large it'd take so long to figure it all out,... They have discovered everything BUT what the pineal gland is used for and they said the alignment of the planets this year [2012] affects humans pineal glands I don't know they say lotsa stuff... But yeah other than pineal gland they got the rest down totally...

gypsies have some kinda super intuition and advanced pineal gland. illuminasty used to dissect you guys years ago to find the secret of how to do it. never found out how.

the vrill's [type 3] pineal glands allow them to have empathic powers... humans pineal glands when advanced can forecast future events... and yes I know that sounds silly but it is true... there is an ingredient in chemtrails and lots of stuff even toothpaste that suppresses the pineal glands of humans..