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Donald Marshall - genius design... slopes too steep to crawl back out of. Vrill trap and tomb, Giza one anyway. nothing more. All the vrill would evertually end up in the lower pit, or stay alive and be forced to cannibalize each other. I love the vrill go in but they dont come out hahahaha Vrill go in but they dont come out :) ended up in the lower put,... when they opened the pyramid they were surprised to find "an abundance of scales" and said the pharoah was possibly a secret worshipper of set and was entombed with a bunch of snakes, but they werent snake scales, they were Vrill scales, they wanted to eat the pharoah badly, to get his magic powers, the pyramid killed many many vrill... someone filled the lower pit with rocks and debris, if excavated it will be found to be full of scales too...