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Samurai Armor at the Cloning Centers

Question (July 2012) - Are there clothes for you there? Can you tell us more about that?

Donald Marshall - sometimes in clothes sometimes not,... they all have clothes though... for the swordfighting I'd have to wear samurai armor. celebs wear nice clothes sometimes other times just jogging pants n t shirt, they usually dress my clone before they activate my clone, I'd open up my eyes and already be in the armor too... sometimes they just wear the same clothes all the time too, bodies stored on the racks there clothed and they just stay dressed. clothes arent important to them, neither is clone personal hygeine, they mostly all smell like really bad, greasy hair n all...


Donald Marshall (Tue. August 6, 2013) - I just want to live to see the executions... maybe perform some publicly if the world allows me to, as a reward for ratting n an alien bodysnatching plot/crisis n clone slavery brain manipulation thingy. I chopped off lots of head as clones... with a samurai sword... had mine chopped off a few times too. its fucking disturbing. and i wasnt allowed to refuse to fight either. if i threw down the sword or spear, they would do something painful to me in front of everyone to discourage similar behavior... I / we will destroy em tho, I'm the key to the destruction of the illuminati. its in a whack prophecy,... like 3 of em I dunno,... im in paintins from 500 years ago n shit HELP! 

fuckin false report of venus was debased 


gaaaah... thats some heavy shixxle I dunno, Laurence Mountford is in the Nostradamus prophecy,... as is Celine as is my gf Jen,... and some others helping me... its craziness... Illuminati is goin psycho with the prophecy coincidences... psycho religious zealot fanatic like... yeah...


Billy Sweeney (August 2014) - How about hand to hand Don, who's the best hand to hand celeb fighter you've seen in action? And who's the best technically? (Most skillful)

Donald Marshall - A japanese guy that teaches many there called Odanisama. Modern day samurai. There are many trainers. He teaches using pain as a motivator Enslaved me participated in my slavery. I'm gonna kill him. He knows too lol Shits like kill bill But this chink best not strike my ass down. Because people will skin him and make him die for 2 weeks if he did lol He will lemme have that head. Crazy huh? 


Donald Marshall (Mon. June 3, 2013) - when I was 13 as a clone making songs for the red hot chili peppers I noticed they used an asterix for their symbol, 8 red bars pointing outwards, I told them to put arrowheads on the ends and a hole in the middle and that would be my symbol,... only gold, not red, SO they painted a red 8 pointed arrowhead star on my samurai armors breastplate when I was swordfighting there, also they had a gaming company in the UK use the symbol in a tabletop game they have called Warhammer. turns out the symbol is from like 3000 years ago or more, just thought it strange the other symbols surrounding mine, all different religions, kinda like how I've had the heads of different religions bothering me as clones.

they started putting this symbol in all kinds of stuff, Elizabeth said that since I'd thought of it that it must be the mark of the beast, (She was constantly trying to convince people I was the antichrist and deserved to be clone tortured for as long as possible) people didn't want to hurt me anymore there, but Elizabeth needed a victim, for an excuse to be seen and heard by the others there, otherwise she like has no gimmick there,... it'd be like hello yes I'm the Queen wave wave, That's it,... thats all she has... so she brings me there to show off...

Jennifer Hernandez - So you didn't make this 1

Donald Marshall - thought that I did, but was around thousands of years ago.


Donald Marshall (March 2014) - In the end... there can be only one.

they used me to model lot's of samurai stuff