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Super Soldier James Casbolt's (Michael Prince) Drone List

This is a screenshot that I had saved from Thur. February 13, 2014 of Droned people according to super soldier James Casbolt (Michael Prince). You can see James supporting Donald Marshall (aside from the list itself of Droned Individuals).

Droned Individuals:

1) Max Spiers
2) Sara Adams
3) James Rink
4) Eva Moore
5) Lorien Fenton
6) Jo-Ann Richards
7) Kerry Cassidy
8) Solaris Blueraven
9) Jo-Ann Summerscales
10) Douglas Dietrich
11) Lulu Louise ( Clare Speaks )
12) Dawn Hamm Hart ( Illuminati Rosicrucian member )
13) Ax/Miranda ( Duncan O Finioan's partner )
14) Cathy Buckalew
15) Tamara Natividad
16) Tyler Davidson
17) Sohail Fazal
18) Jan Rodrigo
19) David Vanderbeek
29) Erin Green Hicks


  1. I want to crush some lizard skulls too! Let me know when and where the meetup is for the angry mob -- I shall attend!

  2. Michael Prince "James Casbolt" is full of shit!
    Jumps on the Donald Marshall band wagon after it gets going!
    Fuck off prince you fucking wanker!
    Notice how he puts Max Spiers name first cause hes having a shit fight with him!


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