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Who Vril Prefer To Drone?

Brook Doyle (March 2014) - hey donald, i was hanging out with my dog and i had a thought. do/can vril drone other animals and take control but keep some of their smarts? if they would do a dog for instance would they be able to function or would they just degrade to dog intelligence?

Donald Marshall - yes they can, and they're smarter than a dog. they do it with horses and buncha stuff... smarter horse.

Brook Doyle - is that considered a waste to do that for them since they can only do it once, or does it really matter? is their purpose to drone since that is their ability? do they even like being vril since they drone so much?

Donald Marshall - they'd rather drone a human, quality of life is better. a blonde and blue eyed person is preferred by most vrill. Scandinavian countries are infested with hosts...

Brook Doyle - are we attractive to their eyes? you know 'eye of the beholder' stuff. 

Donald Marshall - we are the most attractive aliens in the known Galaxy.


Donald Marshall (Mon. July 8, 2013) - Vrill prefer to drone beautiful people.