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Zombie Virus

Donald Marshall - The powers that be created 2 man made virus's they publicized these vkrus's in the movies the crazies (zombie virus) and the happening virus (suicide virus) thdy do exactly what the movies say they do, the movie as most are, are Illuminatti made... the chemtrails you all talk about have an airborne vaccine to the Zombie virus... the few outbreaks were intentionally set... not contagious in these cases, they have the option of making it local or congagious,... NOW, this hasbeen done to 1 say that black people who are closer in biological similarity to Arabs are susceptable to this disease and no other races are at risk... then as there are NO chemtrails over the middle east but exhaust from jet aircraft they will unleash thks virus upon te middle east, just as I said months ago... they want to kill off as many arabs as possible to depopulate the planet as theyve said it is the only way to save the economy and arabs are the prime nemesis of the Illuminatti,... then when arabs are eating each other they plan to repatriate blacks to africa saying theyre at risk of going zombie,... arabs too... they wanted me to go along with this plan Wanted me to play Jesus in the end and help them institute a new one world religion and government, this must not happen, I will not comply, I am not Jesus,... the ships are positioning near middle east tl feign fear of contagion and to fire on the middle east when the time is right,... this ks all an elaborate deception hears in the making and I just ruined it,... I will most likely not survive after this... but my duty to human beings to inform on what I know.... my death is irrelevant,... you know exactly what is going on now with this... there is also more I will add but this first... the arabs were framed for 911 also to lower sensitivity to the arabs plight while theyre being decimated.... disregard this and you doom yourselves,... do not squander this chance my fellow HUMANS,... you must rise up and stop this catastrophe before it begins... also on my wall is a wealth of knowledge about human cloning they have been doing for decades.... read up, your very priviledged to know these facts as theyre the most top secret issues there are.... THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL SHEEPLE, NO TIME TO SLEEP IN YOU'VE GOT TO GO TO WORK TODAY.... for God's sake share this, we must stop it. Llve the chemtrails people they'll keep you from eating brains... ignore this and you are a fool!

act and you are a hero of the human race. Hurry. there is no time.

Have you ever noticed there are no chemtrails over the middle east??? I will be telling you why today... it involves the crazies virus... the happening virus.... zombie stuff... I know now theyre plan. It correlates with plans for the middle east..... big post comin soon.... couple hours.... were gonna be ok....

the chemtrails contain an airborne vaccine to the crazies virus.... no chemtrails over middle east.....think

LISTEN just getting attention not caps yellin.......Now i dont know if this is bs or not but they said chemtrails contain an airborne antidote to a manmade virus,... that they plan tounleash in the midxle east.... israel has this antidote for their people though.... notice there are no chemtrails over the middle east except for fighter jets and normal exhaust and vapor from commercial airlines over there... no spraying over there... this is what theh gold me yeafs ago when I was pretending to be a friend to gather information and avoid getting tortured and bitten by reptiles...

yeah they made the crazies movie about the virus.... um the other part was.... the Vrills favorite part of a human is the brain... Im sorrybjust a fact... they may be parasited bodies.... oh maaan... theyre doing sooomething...

so if black people kept eating people a year ago it'd be obviously true. So they stopped. But seems maybe they just put it on hold.

Notice back when all that was happening and I detailed the black zombie thing, that it stopped? They had one white guy bite face and one Chinese bus driver bite face just to show it's not just exclusive to blacks as I'd said,... then nothing...

Nazi's really hate black people, They can't get Jews now, Jewish people are rich and powerful now, SO the Nazi's focus their hatred on blacks now, because blacks are usually physically superior in the Olympics and bigger and stronger physically on average. It messes up the Nazi's "master race" idea lol. Nazi's better stop the bullshit.

Hope you guys read about the bs black zombie virus thing that the illuminati had planned.

It's in older posts. They wanted to have blacks get zombie virus all over and attempt to say blacks were the only ones susceptible to this virus and eventually try to have black people sent to Africa or some other black nation.

DianeHelen Church - Donald Marshall Have they completed the Zombie virus that they have been working on. I thought it had some issues and was not ready to be used, yet?

Donald Marshall - It's done, and they have multiple variations on it. Different countries have different virus's... all large countries have secret biological weapons projects.

I detailed a plan they were going to do back then, they do hate blacks a lot. Because the Ottoman Empire (Turkey now) they were Muslims and they over ran and executed Vlad Dracul/Vlad Tepovich. Vrill liked Vlad Dracul a lot, he was nice to them and got them lots of people to drone.

NOW, You may remember I told you all that there was an antidote to the Zombie virus in chemtrails, and remember when blacks were eating peoples faces in the states supposedly due to the drug "bath salts"? But then when I revealed the plan the face eating stopped? Also just to make it look like it wasn't exclusive to black people the Illuminati had a Chinese guy and a white guy do it at the end??? Notice no more face eaters?

China had a virus that affected Caucasian people anyway to retaliate with. NO GO.

They aren't confident in that plan... They have a bunch of idiotic plans,... like the black people zombie virus,... supposedly from "Bath salts" Notice no more bath salt face eaters and they were all black? except for the end of it, they had a Chinese guy and a white guy do it too..

they were gonna unleash it in the middle east and africa saying it was a disease exclusive to blacks and arabs but China has a similar virus they were gonna unleash in North America if they did that. l All large countries have secret biological weapons programs. They aren't gonna do it now, China would have retliated. woulda been bad, and also would have went with the Nostradamus prophecies the NWO/Illuminuts follow... about the dead rising up against the living n stuff... I don't think they'll release it now.

Robb Will - havent they had the virus to start a zombie appoc. for like 40 years. do you think they will don?. its the only way i can see them getting the military to round up their own citizens for the camps?

Donald Marshall - Was called off last year, after I said about the crazy plan But now started again

Robb Will - so they have race targeted viruses that cause zombie like symptoms? and they're thinking about using it again? that right. and fuck !!

Donald Marshall - Looks like I thought I quashed zombie plan last year by tellin about it. Stopped then, I figured it worked.. Guess not.

Dawn Hamm Hart - hummmmmm Donald Marshall you know I live here in Houston. Do you remember the billboard I took the photo of that James Casbolt said was showing zombie virus and these boards were only up in low income areas (black areas) of town. I will post now for you.

Donald Marshall - That's not good. They might do that plan after all... Gotta warn people. Maybe do zombie thing because secret of vrill is out and they want to draw attention away.

Yeah, they're kinda demanding I return to Halifax Nova Scotia Canada cuz soethin really really bad is about to happen in the States here... So I'm going to stay in hopes it keeps the illuminasty from springin zombie virus er some shit... capiche? you American's are IN some shit,... you dont even know,...

they will NOT pull mass zombie virus or a meteor on the states while im here...

Keep heart. It hasn't started yet and most likely will not begin with me in Miami... I have no intention of returning to Canada anytime soon... No more zombie virus in Florida!

have you noticed the decline in zombie people eating attacks? It wasn't bath salts.

Bella Donna Marie - What was it?

Donald Marshall - a virus, can be local or contagious at the illuminati scums discretion.

Celine O'carroll - was asked to post this vid......


Donald Marshall - Yeah... Aliens say if I don't go to the Vatican soon they will make more people go whack like that. They did that threat before They put up a bunch of billboards with the symbol of Vlad Dracul (Draculas symbol). With the words it's coming. They put them up in poor black neighborhoods. It was said later that it was an advertisement for a video game. But it wasn't.  It was a threat to me... Come to Vatican or we will unleash zombie virus upon these people. Least that's what they were saying at cloning. Now they say go or there will be more incidents in Florida. Crazy shit. I think once I'm forced from this state something very bad is going to happen here. They hate Florida for some reason. Probably welfare drawing immigrants is my best guess. I seldom guess at stuff.