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Friday, December 26, 2014


Friday, December 26, 2014 

Some dude told me, “just let us shut it down”. I don’t know what the hell he was talking about lol. The only thing I could think of is the cloning centers but in a way that doesn’t make sense. He then sprayed something at me and I was thinking that it was poisonous or just perfume. I was trying to not breathe it in. Many times in the past, they would spray something in my eyes...

I was activated flat on my back on a table. There was at least one dude there. They hammered a nail in the center area of my chest. At first, I didn’t feel pain (which I was expecting). I began to feel some pain and the dude wanted me to rate the pain from 1-10. I was having a little trouble doing this lol (and I didn’t feel like it). I was thinking for awhile and he seemed annoyed/frustrated, so they made the table go higher or something. Possibly made the nail go deeper. He was also talking while this happened but the machine or whatever was too loud and I couldn’t hear what he was saying (which I tried to tell him). I believe he was talking to someone nearby. I finally, said “ a 6” (referring to the rating of pain from 1-10). It seemed like he was going to do some other “pain tests” but I was thinking that I have to get the hell outta there. It seemed like I was able to move my arms/hands, so I began to move them towards the nail to pull it out but stopped. I focused my consciousness on returning back to my physical body (usually did this when I thought it was astral projection). I then was semi-paralyzed in what appeared to be my room. I was forcefully trying to move back and forth to break the paralysis. Finally, I woke up.

I was activated standing up somewhere. In front of me was someone with an alien mask. Something or someone had a sharp object stuck in the upper part of my back pushing it deeper. That alien mask person was saying, “I feel pain, I feel pain” (which I believe was to make fun of me or maybe to tell me that he knows what I’m going to say?). I then said, “I feel pain...I swear to God, I feel pain” as I was trying to hold in the pain. I said, “please stop”.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Grudge Heart Attack

Saturday, December 20, 2014

I was in a room and there were others there. I said in my mind, "I know I'm at the cloning centers". Some dude said something like, "see Norberto wants to hang with us". Some other dude asked me about Vril and I said, "I don't really want to talk about's on the net". Someone mentioned The Grudge and next thing I know there was this creepy thing on the floor moving like in the movie The Grudge. It got me outta no-where and I was jumping/running away from it. I was holding my heart and couldn't breathe. I was making a sound, like trying to breathe but couldn't. I had a heart attack I guess and collapsed on a table.

It seems like they may be trying to scare me there to give my real body a heart attack and make it look-like it was an accident.

Be aware if I (Norberto Santiago a.k.a Astral Light) die from a heart attack or aneurysm, it was them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kelly Ripa

hey remember recently Don talked about Kelly Ripa on his wall? well, I saw her today at the cc’s for the first time. we were standing somewhere indoors and others were there as well. it was like a show I guess but I didn’t really see an audience. I went up some stairs or whatever and sat down near a table and Kelly sat to my right. I believe there was someone else to my left too. in front of me was a camera, which I “knew” was for the show and I “knew” it was live. I felt a little uncomfortable mainly because the whole on TV live thing. Kelly had some crackers with some cream on them and I think gave me some but mine had no cream on it and they were stale lol. I tried to tell her about how mine doesn’t have any cream but she was like ignoring me. it was as if I wasn’t even there. anyways, I was trying to act normal and relaxed kinda laughed even (at what? don’t remember). she was talking to someone else that was on my left. I was looking at her weird-like guess it was cuz she’s supposedly a host of Vril. don’t recall exactly what I was thinking but I believe it was about her being a host. then after a little while, she (and the other person?) left. kinda awkward situation there but whatever. I left and slid/jumped down this wall/side of the stage. some girl was apparently going to be on that stage thing next and I was asked basically if I would go on with her. I agreed. I was going back up but they deactivated me or I just woke up randomly.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finally "They" Mentioned Cloning Centers

finally...finally for the first time, they mentioned cloning centers while I was at the cloning centers!

today (Wed, August 13, 2014) at the cc’s...

kay...I was at some place indoors, kinda like shop at school. I saw people from a school I use to go to (not the first time). I really don’t like hanging with them and I don’t even like them but...I was there with them and the teacher or whatever passed out some papers. I was wondering why I didn’t get mine. then, they gave me one. I looked at it and it mentioned at least two known people (the president may have been one) said something about Draconian...the people there seem to automatically say yes/check yes for like the first two questions (?). I thought this was kinda weird and seemed suspicious like they knew that they were really a host or were hinting at something like that. I wanted to say something (cause I know/knew obviously) but I decided not to. in my mind, I said to myself “the Illuminati has me by the balls”.

after a little while (same place same people), a girl (from school) says outta no-where while sitting down like “...the cloning centers, what they do to the children there.” I look at her in surprise (thinking to myself how I gotta watch what I say) and I said something like “who told you that”? she replied, “my grandfather...made a hole in the Pacific Ocean and the water came rushing in. the Earth caved in” something like that...pretty close if not exact to what she said. creepy response...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Amon Ra Attacked Me?

kinda interesting...yesterday (or the day before?), at the cloning centers I heard some dude say something like "that's him, he's the one..." I couldn't see anything, it was all black the whole time as far as I remember. then something attacked me, it was stomping on me. I was trying to stop it from happening but I was blind...for some reason, in my mind I "knew" or was told (?) that it was Amon Ra. I'm not saying that it definitely was but before that happen, I was pissed and was dissing him in my real body. perhaps coincidence or whatever but still thought I would relate.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Donald Marshall For The Third Time?

I saw Donald Marshall again today at the cloning centers but he’s the only one that can tell me for sure if it was really him. someone (maybe Don but I think it was someone else?) was saying how he’s dying...and I believe he had no shirt on and I could see his skin was a little messed up. someone mentioned how he’s new age Jesus and how to prove he’s not (?)...they said something about poking him (which I didn't by the way).

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Put My Soul Into A Hybrid?

this is going to sound a little crazy but years ago while at the cc's...

mk illusions around me was my bedroom. I saw 3 big floating toothpicks (once again mk visuals) and some entity said to me something about how when I die, they're going to put my soul into a hybrid.

Friday, July 4, 2014

James Casbolt

I seen James Casbolt TWICE at the cloning centers...

first time was a little while ago...he was standing on my right with his back towards me. I didn't get a really good look at him though. I believe someone mentioned his first and/or last name. I didn't care and walked away...remember seeing like a clock on top of something...

saw him just a few days ago...I was sitting down in my room (mk visuals...and may have been a different apartment) and I believe I was on Facebook. James was standing on my right...there was a webcam-type thing going on. at one point, James mentioned one of my nick-names and I was kinda pissed because I’m anonymous. I grabbed him (maybe by the throat) and pushed him on the bed. I was going to tape his mouth shut lol but they deactivated me or I just happen to wake up randomly (most likely it was the former).

hey James, I don’t wanna see you there...don’t talk to me or anything. got it?

“We ain't buddies, we ain't partners and we damn sure ain't friends” - 50 Cent

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Classroom Cloning Centers

June 20 or June 21, 2014

the illusions around me was that of a classroom and there were others there sitting down. somebody did and/or said something annoying to me, so I went up to them and tried to punch them but they (I assumed the teacher) remotely blocked it. I said something like, "hey, you're making me go slow with mk ultra". when I said this I felt like they thought that I might be aware but wasn't 100% sure.I was kinda pissed, so I said out loud to everyone there "you're all at the cloning centers"! then I began to say "you're all clones"! but as I was trying to say that, they remotely "turned off" my ability to talk. I don't know how they do this but they can somehow make one not be able to talk. wtf...not the first time this happened but it sucks when it does. I forgot that I could still talk telepathically...oh well. ha ha I think it's funny. y'know what i did, tell everyone that there at the cloning centers. seems like once again they didn't like that. I began hearing a lot of commotion going on. it's like people were confused when I mentioned them being at the cloning centers and them being clones (assuming I got to get that part out). I believe they deactivated me a little while after the commotion began.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Female Grey Alien In "My Room"

you know what's interesting? when Don said "and the monotone soothing woman voice... they dont even like to talk like that... its all a ploy....parasite infiltrate... then destroy." 

one time while I was laying down in my room (mk visuals was that of my room as well), I saw a Grey (typical description of one) peeking from behind my towel that I had lying on the bed frame. creepy...I assume through artificial telepathy or something, I heard a soft woman's voice come from it (?) saying like “can he see us”? but it seemed like the female alien was talking to others that were apparently nearby...

Pope Benedict XVI

somewhere between October 10 and October 13, 2013...

I was walking around imitating Brock Lesnar’s (WWE wrestler/UFC fighter) theme song/beat to WWE (slighlty jumping up left to right like he does). I was acting crazy. I was running around with my arms out and acting like I was a plane “weee”. afterwards, I saw the Pope Pope Benedict XVI and he was standing up talking to a group (?) of people there I guess but I wasn’t paying attention b/c I could care less what he or anyone has to say. I made the area dark with mk and I made it rain (no not with money lol, literally made it rain) while floating upwards. I think I may have made it thunder and lightning too but not sure...I was also mocking them by doing there stupid satanic symbols. anyways, Pope wasn’t happy and stopped talking. he left the area and I went to where he went and someone like somehow disrespected him or was like acting stupid near him. I was like trying to stop him and the Pope was saying (may have not been with any words though) like what about what you just did.

remember you do things while in a clone body you wouldn’t normally do in your real body! lol...seriously though.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Young Jack Thriller Bit Me!

November 9, 2013

Young Jack Thriller bit my arm acting like a dog at the cloning centers lol. I was calm (with no pain) and said "STOP!" then they deactivated my clone (I assume) b/c I woke up like a few seconds after that...

before he bit my arm though, he was rapping/freestylin (may have been the lyrics to the song I had playing while I was asleep).

Fake Memory Of Rey Mysterio's Death

July 29, 2013

On July 28 Celine shared a link about implanting false memories on Don's wall. I remembered as clones "knowing" something was true (an event that had taken place or whatever) while aware when in fact it wasn't (implanted memory) but I wanted to make sure 100%, so I was contemplating whether or not to share the info. On July 29, something amazing happened...I was aware at the Cloning Centers and I was in a school hallway walking with a deceased relative of mine. He mentioned something about Rey Mysterio (WWE wrestler) and I said something about how it was messed up that he died. I "knew" that Rey had definitely died when in reality he is still alive! The memory of his death felt real and I didn't question it at all b/c I "knew" it was true. After I had awoken, I knew that they had implanted a memory of Rey Mysterio being dead in my clone before they activated me with the intent for me to know 100% that they can implant memories. They wanted me to know and perhaps even share the experience...WTF.

Consciousness In Someone Else's Body

besides possibly putting my consciousness in an alien body, they've put my consciousness in other people's bodies. one time I was in school and I was waiting to leave and go home...someone was messing around with me putting something in my hair and I believe it's when I was trying to take whatever it was off that I noticed in the reflection of a tinted window nearby that I was someone else! I was shocked to see it wasn't really me. however, my thoughts were still that of my real body though...weird.

Control Area

they seem to love it when I'm unaware in their "control area" but they have a problem when I'm aware and leave the room, building or whatever they put me in? uhh why the hell activate me there then? when I'm aware besides following me, they sometimes either try to confuse me or try to get like water in my eyes to make me wake up/go back to my body. this doesn't fully make sense though b/c why don't they just deactivate my clone, right?

seems like they want to make me willingly want to go back to my body so they can time my intent to go back with them deactivating me. stupid, right? all to create the illusion of me being in control, like one is suppose to be during "astral travel" when really there in control the entire time. 

alright so what places do they like to put me in? they usually put me in a school setting or where I currently live now or an apartment where I use to live at.

Hockey Arena?

Don talked about the dirt arena surrounded by people behind hockey boards, right? well at least one time I was aware in like a ice hockey arena and I saw people behind the hockey boards. I think I had fries in my hand as I was walking around checking out the place. they trapped me in a room and I believe flooded it with water and made the area inside like a hurricane. guess they were trying to scare me and perhaps get rid of me? I know the arena wasn't dirt, it was like ice but I thought this was still interesting enough to share. I'm thinking that maybe the arena was dirt but they used MK Ultra to make me see ice instead?

Levitating Like Criss Angel

shared this on July 19, 2013...

not that long ago, I was outside in the backyard of one of the apartments that I use to live at. I was aware...I levitated up and was saying aloud the Criss Angel Mindfreak theme song lol. just having fun. they somehow instantly while in mid-air had me back down on the ground and I was trying to levitate again but this time it didn't work. then not long after, I was instantly somewhere laying down on a table or something. either before I was laying down or while I was laying down, I could've sworn I saw Queen Elizabeth (probably MK Ultra illusion...not sure). I felt pressure on my lower right leg. someone either said or I read something about Prime Evils...then I read about LBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson?)...I decided to get the hell out-of there and I made my consciousness go back to my real body.

Cut Up 2 Clones Of Me

years ago...

they put me in what appeared to be an apartment that I use to live at and they were controlling my body. as they controlled me, I saw my surroundings kind-of transition into what appear to be like a control room. there were computers with people sitting down near them. they were making me move around in mid-air...different directions. however, I was aware the whole time. I intentionally sometimes act like I'm unaware so I could learn new things or see new things and this was one of those times. they seemed like they weren't too sure whether I was aware. one woman said something about putting me in some area to like test me to see if I'm aware or not. okay I was near this elevator or something...I then decided to stop acting like I was unaware but it was too late. I somehow was instantly in a dark room blind laying down on a flat surface and I heard like a saw blade near me. I tried to get my sight back through will-power and I saw this huge blade cut my body in half. then I guess they deactivated that dead useless clone of me and activated me in another...same place. I was flying around (kinda dark) and saw a lot of like fan blades spinning. I tried to avoid them but it seemed like they "pushed" me towards them or something. it sliced me up and I saw my blood everywhere along with my body parts while aware. no pain but disturbing...I was just laying there in pieces for a little while.

One Of The Key Players

July 16, 2013

today, while I was flying around and stuff...someone said like "hurt 'em bad" and someone else said "can't he's one of the key players". 

I went outside of the building or whatever and they never really like when I leave the area where they put me at...but I saw like a man (I think) on the ground and I was going to ask his name because that would help to confirm maybe that I was there and stuff. I didn't get to...I guess they knew what I was trying to do and they did something to me (will not say) so I gave up.

BTW, I was 100% aware when this happened.

I know your probably thinking since I mentioned flying that I'm not at a cloning center but you have to remember MK Ultra...

adding more detail to the experience...alright someone was throwing plates at me and I used a force-field (just mk ultra stuff... fake) for protection. and the quotes from above they were talking about me but I'm not sure if I was suppose to hear them saying that to each other or not. I went outside by going through the glass window (mk ultra again... illusion), wall or whatever it was...I think there was snow on the ground too.

Medusa Head

the MK illusions/MK Ultra stuff look soo real or at least when they want them to. one time there was this dude "changed" his head to look-like Medusa's it was real as in real-ly creepy. I said "you don't scare me" (while the worms or whatever were moving)...I can see how people can be tricked like when Don said "James Casbolt thinks there are "vampires" and "werewolves". after seeing it in person for myself, I'm not really surprised that they fooled him.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Saw Obama Again?

April 22, 2014 (I think)

I saw Obama (not 100% sure it was him)...again. he had his head down while walking away (hunched over) from me (where I was anyways). I guess he didn't want to make eye contact or didn't want me to know it was him? I was just walking around...I remember saying to someone while I was somewhat unaware (wasn't unaware the whole entire time though), how I saw Obama at the cloning centers...I used mk ultra to make a fork (think it was a fork) to levitate off the floor and fly towards and in my hand. why? showing off lol. don't know what to do. there were alot of people in one area, some sitting down at tables kinda like a restaurant or cafeteria. I randomly decided to fall down on the floor. got some attention from people...I think they may have thought that my real body that was sleeping woke up or they deactivated me but my consciousness was still aware in the clone body. they zip tied my legs and arms and as they were doing this, I was struggling to break free while saying like “I’m awake, I’m awake”. I thought I was going to feel something really painful. I was now standing up and they put a tube down my throat and I thought about what Don had said, that clones have a feeding tube down their throat while waiting to be activated. they made some type of fluid (juice?) come out of something that appeared to be spilling onto the floor nearby. I was just walking again...I said something to them about how if they’re not going to like deactivate me, then I’m going to make myself wake up then. I tried to hit my head really hard against a cabinet but it was kind in slow-mo for some reason and there wasn’t any hard impact, which was disappointing. walking around...tried to jump over something that a dude was holding or was like near him and they didn’t really allow that or blocked it somehow and finally deactivated my clone.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Saw Don Again @ Cloning Centers?

I saw Donald Marshall again on Friday, March 7, 2014...

I was at the cloning centers levitating and saying like “I’m King Don savior of the world” (just acting stupid because there’s nothing to do there and when you’re a clone you do and say stuff that you really wouldn’t say or do in real body). I was also doing other mk ultra stuff (besides levitating)...I made a force-field around me and did some energy blasts or whatever you want to call them. I heard some dude say like “get him”. then some dude grabbed an object like a remote and timed it with like deactivating my mk ultra abilities or something. I felt like they were kinda tricking me with that object...I tried to talk but they once again somehow made my mouth like glued shut. 

Don came up to me (btw, he looked like how he does in the 2012 interview with Eric Duguay) and I put one of my fists up as if getting ready to punch someone/him. I think he put his hands on my shoulder to like calm me down I guess. I then put my hand/fist down...I was kinda mad and annoyed, I was telling some people that they’re trying to trick me and make me think that it’s Donald Marshall. 

the first paragraph may have taken place AFTER I saw’s a lil confusing. anyways, I don’t know for sure for sure if it was Don or not.

First Time I Saw Donald Marshall At The Cloning Centers

in mid-October of 2013 at the cloning was dark all around me (either I was in a dark place or they used mk so I wouldn’t see my surroundings) and I saw Donald Marshall come up to me. he said and/or did something but I don’t recall what it was. he told me via private message what he said to me there that day but I don’t want to share what it was.

I could’ve wrote the date down and tried to remember as much details as possible but I don’t really care. it’s a waste of time and it’s not like I want to be there anyways.

Rewind Time?

about 5 days ago while at the cc’s, I experienced the same thing like 3 times (not the first time this has happened to me while there though). I knew what would happen next. it was another one of those rewind-the-day things involved girls doing things and walking to certain areas of the place. I knew what they were going to do and where they were going because it already happened and I remembered. hmm I wonder if they used the hadron colliders around that time or it was simply them trying to annoy me?...maybe it could be there way of trying to say that the Groundhog Day tech is real?

Device Thru My Chest

something else really crazy...probably like a few weeks ago...I was at the cc's but the illusions surrounding me was my bedroom. I was laying down and I felt some big device right thru me, like it was attached to my back and went thru out my chest. it was like locked into place, I couldn’t get out of it. may have been paralyzed too or it was just the device that kept me from moving. I couldn’t see it though because they had mk visuals of my room and body looking normal when really I could feel something big thru my chest...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Paralyzing Clones Of Me

y’know how Don says about they can paralyze a clone of you? well, they did that to me a few times...

mk visuals around me was a school’s classroom. I was completely aware and I was just going along with everything sitting in the front. I felt someone/something doing something to me remotely. I raised my hand and I told the teacher but he didn’t believe me or ignored me (maybe he was part of it?). I was kinda annoyed and pissed, so I got up and said like I’m leaving (or something like that). now someone was remotely messing with my teeth moving/pulling them (not the first time they did that to me though). I tried to manifest a gun w/ mk ultra in my pants pocket but instead manifested a camera. people had guns or something ready when they saw me quickly take something from my pocket (damn camera lol). so I went to the next classroom (which was full of people like the one I was just in) and some dude (teacher?) came up to me. he wanted me to like focus on his hand (more specifically his index finger). he had like a glove on the hand by the way...after a few seconds, I was like shocked like they tased me or something and instantly dropped to the floor (remember Don says drop to the floor paralyzed?). I was all like dizzy and shocked (no pun intended) but I was kinda trying to get up but decided to focus on going back to my real body and I did (guess they read my mind and knew what I was trying to do, so they deactivated my clone when I was focusing on my real body to make it look like I’m in control when really they are?).

another time...I was on a table and I was fully aware. I saw above me like hooks hanging down and they were going towards my face. I thought they were going to put the hooks in my face and pull, so I was trying to move really hard but couldn’t. I could see everything around me but I couldn’t move.

other time...I was in school or some other place. aware again...saw a girl nearby and I was paralyzed in an awkward position like sitting down but not sitting down (hard to explain). I was telling her to help me and how I couldn’t move...

another experience at the cc's...I was somewhere sitting on like a counter. a few people walking back n forth. some girl walked by looked at me and made a sound like she knew I was going to experience something bad and felt bad for me. next thing I know, I was paralyzed laying sideways (could've been flat on my back but I think it was sideways). this dude (once again think it was the same dude that I saw I don't know how many times now but I remember him) had a hot screw and put it in my mouth. luckily I didn't feel any pain but I was pretty much powerless to do anything cuz I couldn't move. don't think I remembered my mk abilities or whatever you want to call them, so I don't know whether I could've done something with that.

countless times I’ve been paralyzed while I couldn’t see anything at all! blackness...felt or heard stuff all around me but couldn’t see anything or move. I knew/know for sure that it’s not a dream, it’s obvious. completely awake while laying down asleep. I felt entities bite my fingers and stuff and sometimes saw them...some creepy. illusions? real? I don’t’s confusing sometimes.

MASSIVE @ Cloning Centers?

March 14, 2014

I was thinking in my mind like “I don’t think MASSIVE attends the cloning centers” when I posted that vid about the game Warframe on March 13. right so the next day (March 14th) when I was at the cloning centers, I saw him lol. once again I “knew” that was MASSIVE. I said “so you’re MASSIVE”? he acknowledged that he was. for some reason I was like writing stuff on him. I told him that they’re zapping me while I was actually feeling myself be “zapped”. now even though I saw him face to face pretty much, don’t ask me how he looks (btw, he’s anonymous on YouTube, Facebook, etc.) because for some reason I can’t remember...

What's T.I.'s & Snoop Dogg's Problem?

April 11, 2014

I’m sharing this for the hell of it and cuz some may find it interesting...

I saw rapper T.I. (not the first time) he pulled a gun on me and I kinda put my hands up. we were in a vehicle and my brother was there too. there was a paper that said I had 10 minutes to come up with a song and had to include punchlines and some other stuff (lol what do they think I am Donald Marshall or something?). I acted as if it wasn’t really a problem. after awhile (still in some vehicle), I grabbed T.I. (don't even know if it was really him) and threw him off and onto the street. he tried to grab his gun and I guess shoot me but I took it away from him and shot him and shot someone else nearby.

April 12, 2014

today, I saw rapper Snoop Dogg (not the first time), which is kinda interesting cuz before I went to sleep I watched one of his music videos. see many times when I watch something or think about something or someone, Illuminati will include that person or thing in my experiences at the cloning centers. I’m use to this...anyways...I dunno Snoop and/or someone else was like forcefully keeping me in a certain area or whatever. after awhile, I pulled Snoop’s (think it was him) hair...

I didn’t do anything to T.I. or Snoop Dogg there, so I don’t know what’s there problem (assuming it was really them)...

Weird Purplish Creature

one time at the cloning centers (when I thought it was an out-of-body-experience years ago), I saw this weird purplish creature that walked with its back hunched over and its knees bent with big ears (voice and look was creepy)...It was in my room (mk illusions) and after I had gone back to my body that was lying on the bed, it pulled me back out-of-body (well that’s what I thought at that time)...I was kinda “forced” to go with it down some basement stairs (mk illusions again?) and it said in a creepy voice “do you want some candy”?....I wonder if this creature was a Vril Type 2 or something?

Real Life Music & Sounds Heard At The Cloning Centers?

Donald Marshall - "If I listen to music when I go to sleep, I can hear it in the background while I'm walking around as clones... faintly."

If I'm playing music or if there is a TV playing nearby where my body is sleeping, I sometimes hear it as a clone at the cloning centers. Also, sometimes a person would randomly out-of no-where sing/rap the song that I'm playing and it's the voice of the actual celeb too...weird. If I wake up right after the person at the CC's was singing/rapping, it would be the same spot in the song that's playing near my real body.

They Live 2

a few days ago...there was a video playing at the cc's and I usually ignore them but this time I decided to pay attention. I saw a trailer for the movie They Live 2. I saw some weird/creepy monster alien thing...then I turned around when it finished and some dude (which I seen a couple times now and I don't know why) sitting down, had some thing that he made go towards me quick. it was like that alien thing that I just saw in the They live 2 trailer that was played. I think they tried to scare me but it didn't work. I grabbed it and whipped it at the wall and it broke.

The creature looked similar to this...

y'know what? I think they showed me that creature because it was them saying that they knew that I was going to post about the Zombie Virus soon. how would they know? bouncing time back...why do I think that? because when I was searching for a picture to use as the zombie today, one of the pics I saw was that creature on the bottom. and when I saw it, I couldn't believe it in a way. I was like "that's what I saw" and then kinda figured that that is why they showed me and did that. well, also an attempt to scare me too. maybe trying to give my real body a heart attack or something.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Looked Different When I Looked Into A Mirror

Don had said before (about the cloning centers) "... just walk around talk look in the mirror in the concourse bathroom, see how close to your real face it looks, usually a slight difference in eye wrinkles or head width jaw shapeand things like that." 

alright, I don't know if this counts...but when I looked in mirrors ("mk ultra mirrors"?) before while at the cc's, I usually look pretty much the same as my real self but I've seen differences though before. ha ha oh one time, I was at this restaurant and I was sitting down eating and talking with twin girls...btw, one of them said their name was "Skiller" (sp.?) and the other one's name was "Alieann" (sp.?). mix those names around n you get Alien Killers or Killer Aliens...speaking of aliens, there was at least one person staring at me as if I was an alien lol. anways, I remember looking into a mirror and my face looked all funny...I don't know, I was kind-of puffy and like Chinese-looking. I was totally aware dream, it's like real.

there were times when I looked in the mirror and I was not me, I was a completely different person (or alien like I mentioned in at least one post before). before I knew of Don's info, I thought it may have been me in like a past life but now I know it's just my consciousness in another person's body. they even put me in a girl's body before (more than once) and I had the same thoughts of my real male-self while in the female body. interesting...

Activated Into An Oversized Clone?

not that long ago (from September 27, 2013) at the cloning centers, they most likely activated me into oversized clone (Homonculous). I was outside somewhere...I felt really tall and I tried to walk around and stuff, it was difficult to keep myself balanced. I don't remember how long I was in this oversized clone (supposedly). it's not like I saw myself in the mirror either, so I cannot say that it's a guarantee but most likely. this is them continuing (like I said before) to prove to me or to make me more convinced that Don is telling the truth.

unless I had on stilts or something lol. it's not like I was visualizing myself as being taller either so...I was seeing my surroundings from a much higher height than usual too.

Who Do You Think You Are?

September 25, 2013

I remember telling one dude about Donald Marshall. 

I was at some place and I flew up to a low-level opening/window. as I flew through (I was saying in my mind "I know I'm at the cloning centers") I saw a familiar was like this play area for kids (I think this is the area that no too long ago they said to me like mentally that it's a pedophile's paradise). okay so I was walking and most likely the scenery changed (although I don't recall seeing the transition) and there were tables (as if it was a school's cafeteria). I saw a lot of kids coming in and sitting down. there were some adults there as well. I was walking all confident and cocky-like. I saw Dr. Jerome Corsi or someone similar-looking. he (or someone else?) said "who do you think you are"? I looked back and smirked. I ignored him and everyone else. there was some dude who seemed to be annoyed with me and my attitude and I was "forced" to follow him. I knew (or at least felt like) he was taking me to be like punished...I was in trouble it seemed. apparently they did something to my mouth because it was hard to verbally talk like there was glue in my mouth or something (this is not the first time that I experienced this though). I decided to try to communicate via artificial telepathy. I was saying mentally to him while we were walking something like "okay okay I'll stay still and I won't do anything". he was saying verbally how like there's no discussing this (like it's a done deal). at one point, I was placing two of my fingers on my temple to communicate telepathically (not like I needed to do that) and he would say like what am I doing...I responded how I was trying to talk to him because he did something to my mouth (as I was pointing/moving my hands near my mouth area to show this). so since I knew I was going to some place to most likely experience something not good, I focused really hard on going back/phasing back to my real body and I did but I was paralyzed on my bed and I used force and will-power to fully wake-up.

Where's Queen Elizabeth?

September 23, 2013

today at the cc' visuals was once again in an apartment I use to live at. I was in the back hallway and as I went down the stairs, the person that was after me or whatever was now in front of me. as I went back up, the person was in front of me. so I knew it was fake (the place/situation) and I was aware. I said something like "I know I'm at the cloning centers". I said "...where's Queen Elizabeth" (may have said an insult as well)? I said something like " me the stands" as I looked around as if I was (and may have been) trying to see through the walls and stairs. dude appeared out-of nowhere as my surroundings seem to shift. if I'm not mistaken, it was the dude that I've seen soo many times while at the cloning centers. anyways, I don't know where I was at but this dude said something about how they're going hurt/kill my heart or something like that. I then tried to phase (astral/obe term, which basically means to transfer your consciousness from point a to point b using for example an image in your mind) back to my real body lying in bed...

September 12, 2013 - Real As Fuck

I was in a room and left. I saw a group of people and said to them "I'm 100% aware, what are you gunna do about it?" I then said "I know I'm at the cloning centers." I said this a few times. the people were just looking at each other like they didn't know what to do or say with a weird/lost expression on their face. some dude like got in my face or something, so I punched him and knocked him down or out. I was prepared to fight them but as I punched and hit them, I noticed that it seem to have no affect on them so I stopped. I said “oh you’re no fun, youse are all pain-numbed clones.” I threw like a drink in someone’s face and threw other stuff at them. then they all began to throw stuff at me, so I made a force-field around me. when they threw stuff, it would hit the invisible force-field that I made and bounce off...they noticed this after a little while and stopped. I said “I’m the best at MK Ultra” and floated up acting kind-of stupid with some “evil laughs” and stuff. I said “I’m going to destroy everything” and they began to sort-of run for cover. I began manifesting like a hurricane or tornado...I heard the wind while I was doing this. it didn’t go exactly as planned though. I didn’t know what to do (boring as usual). I saw a band-aid, so I said as I grabbed it “booo put that over your fuckin eyes.” a girl nearby laughed...I was behind something and noticed like a ton of cereal boxes pile up. I knew this was for me (meaning for them to use to drop on me because they’ve done similar things to me many times before), so I began pushing/dropping the boxes towards them. a girl said “you’re still here?”

I was in this pretty big place that once again had a group of people but they were scattered throughout the place. I was walking around like I run the place (didn’t know what to do). there was a dude to my right behind a small desk that seemed to be in control of the place. he (or maybe someone else but I think it was him) mentioned his YouTube channel and I somehow saw like in my mind but while my eyes were still open (I assume), a YouTube channel but I don’t remember the name of it. I said “get the fuck outta here with your YouTube channel.” I also saw some website or at least the url address but I don’t remember what it was. not sure exactly when but I remember being naked somehow and I grabbed something to cover up. at one point I had some hat on and was pushing my hair into it...some girl said “it’s you!” and I ignored her.

I continued to walk around looking for an exit and I left through an area that had like curtains or something. I saw cars going back and forth and one hit me on my side and I felt pain ("imagined pain"?). I said “ahhh” as I held my side while walking back in. I took that as a warning to “behave" and stay still. I said “alright, alright...” to my right I saw the dude still behind the desk. I had tape in my hand...I flipped my middle fingers. dude said like “what are you doing?” I said something about how I thought they were going to make me go back/phase back...I remember saying to the dude “next time I’ll do worse.” then they deactivated my clone and activated me in some semi-dark area. I was either paralyzed or strapped to the floor (?) flat on my stomach. this area was pretty big and circular and it was rotating. I was looking up and I saw some light coming in from the top of this “ride” or room or whatever the hell I was in. I was saying aloud “please stop” and I think “stop please” like 4 or 5 times. I thought I was going to be tortured with my pain sensors on and I gotta do or say anything to prevent it. also, sometimes I’m able to talk my way outta crazy situations, so I thought I would give it a shot. unfortunately, it didn’t work but I wasn’t tortured. the “ride” lasted for like a minute or two (hard to say for sure) and then stopped. I heard the “desk dude” (pretty sure it was him even though I didn’t see him or anyone) say “now your scarred for life.”

the stuff that I described above may not be in the exact order they took place but it's a pretty accurate description. also, I don't think my clone was only deactivated and reactivated once. it's not easy to remember everything especially if your there for hours and hours and/or in different MK Ultra scenarios.

The Day I Posted The First Rap

they keep doing stuff to me or putting me in certain situations like they're trying to tell me or prove to me that Don's info is real. they haven't literally told me yet that I'm at the cloning centers or anything...oh umm the day I posted the rap (day before), I could've sworn I saw Tila Tequila but I don't remember exactly what happened and if it was really her maybe she had a problem with what I said lol...y'know for her to stop misleading. they also did a weird Project Pegasus thing to me, like rewinding the day or making me experience the same things over and over. it was involved like a huge dog that kept getting way too close to me lol. I also remembered each time what had just happened...

I would've been able to give better details but when I woke up, I tried to block it out of my mind because I had no intention of relaying what took place...

About That Day When I Was First Aware...

back in 2006 I came across what’s called Astral Projection (also known as an Out-Of-Body-Experience). Astral Projection or Out-Of-Body-Experience (OOBE or OBE for short) is supposedly when one’s consciousness leaves there body and is able to explore another realm. I didn’t really believe it at first but I was curious and I wanted to use it as an escape if it was real. I tried some techniques off and on for a few months and one night I was successful. I was completely aware when my consciousness seemed to separate from my real body...I was floating slowly towards the door in my room. it looked identical as far as I can tell and I knew it wasn’t a dream. I “knew” it was an out-of-body-experience because of what I read on the internet matched up with what I had experienced. 

see now that I’m aware of Don’s info, I know that it wasn’t my room that I was in when my consciousness left my body, it was MK Ultra visuals/illusions that the Illuminati made me see while I was at the cloning centers. I guess they figured “hey since he’s aware of this thing we made up called Astral Projection, he’s going to believe that that is what he’s experiencing if we allow him to be aware and remember”. they definitely had me, I believed in the astral/obe/dimension stuff hardcore.

I may have been there before that day in 2006 (like in August if I had to guess) but if I was, I was unaware. I started to have different levels of awareness while at the cloning centers from that day on and remembered my experiences when I woke up in my real body. when I’m 100% aware at the cc’s, it’s soo real soo clear...

The Day My Consciousness Was Transferred To A Vril Type 3

I tried to recall as much detail as possible regarding that day when I was in a Vril body. I believe the following is pretty accurate: On June 2, 2011 at the cloning centers I was in the apartment where I live at now (mk visuals), in my room. It was dark but not completely dark. I was standing looking in the mirror that was in my room on the wall and I was shocked to see that I was a Grey alien (Vril Type 3). I attempted to change my facial expression to see if it was really me and the face of the alien me in the mirror changed to the desired facial expression, so I knew it was really me and not an illusion. The alien me appeared to be like 6ft tall (assuming the distance from the mirror to the floor was the same as in real life) with dark black slanted eyes and it was greyish in color. The head seemed to be a little big (noticeably wider at the top/forehead area) and in between where there would be eyebrows on a human (middle of forehead), there were two areas (one on each side of like where the eyebrows would start) that were protruding from its face. One would probably assume it to be malevolent based on appearance. I guess they deactivated my clone and activated me in another clone b/c soon after, I “woke up” on my bed (where my real body was sleeping at) lying on my side (still dark and still in my room) and saw to my left about two feet away from me, 3 aliens. Since I was too tired, I acted as if I didn't see them and rolled to my right side to go back to sleep.

this is what Donald Marshall said about that day I was in a Vril body:

"opened my eyes there and I was between the arena and the concourse, in the opening to the arena on the far end, Phil Reece and a couple of others said they wanted me to see something,... walked away from the arena into the concourse under the stands that goes all the way around with bathrooms other small rooms like hockey dressing rooms but set up differently inside, In the middle of the concourse was a vrill type 3 standing there, I thought I was going to have to fight it, so tensed up, then they said no you dont have to fight it, watch this, its funny, they and the ones with the Vrill (which was temporarily containing your "consciousness) walked into the bathroom... they pointed the vrill at the mirror, it was walking like a robot, no intelligence it seemed, just robot... they told me its a human in a vrill, watch the reaction, so I stood there, thinking it would turn around and bite me at any time... they pressed a button on a small remote and it flinched, then tried to talk but the mouth is different, it came out bargled, they looked at the mirror and made apanic sound like meurrrrr then started pulling at the facial skin a little and examining itself, scared looking but still monstrous looking, then I said... ->

yer ok, this is temporary your dreaming right now and your safe in your bed,... I've said that before to confused freaking out people,... they hate it when I do that, because the ones in the crowd that think they are in the Astral plane start asking questions about the reality of the situation... anyway the Vrill body didn't seem to register that it understood,... kept examining its face... I thought it was a female person they'd put in the vrill, but it was you... they did that to me too a few times... scared the shit outta me, I thought I was stuck like that,... you seemed to be under that impression too... anyway... I asked them why they do this to people, its so loser nerdy, I said they'd have the same terrified response if it was done to them,... this is pathetic to do to someone... and they pressed another button on a small remote control, and the vrill dropped, some guy in the room grabbed it by the armpits and eased it to the tile floor so it wouldn't break an arm or head with the fall... I acted confident and said that was nerdy man... and just started walking out of the bathroom...

anyway,... Astral Light made a status within the next few days about being in a vrill body, and when he said pulling at the face while looking in the mirror and the rest of the description, I knew that was him... I was hesitant to say, thinking 2 things... lol People gonna think Donald says EVERYONE goes there lol,.... Orrrr that was a staged thing to get me to trust Astral... and to get me an ally that was in their back pocket. :P However that would never work, as I trust not one person in the world... :)

They were going to do something to you, unknown what,... they thought they'd let me watch someone else being victimized for a change,... I got em to skip whatever bs they were going to spring on you,... unknown what they'd done to you before or after, I wasn't there then... just for that short time... it was Mk Ultra visuals that made you see your bedroom... it looks real as real, your own mind extrapolates what your memory of your bedroom looks like... better than computer graphics... so convincing, that if you bump into something that isnt there and your mind cant explain it, your brain will imagine what that bump would feel like and make you think you just hurt the bumped spot... its crazy shit.”

this is the link to the post in which more detail was revealed by Don:

The First Day I Was Aware At The Cloning Centers

I was practicing different techniques off and on trying to have an OBE (trying to astral project) for about maybe 4 months. one night when I woke up, I remembered that one shouldn't move when attempting to go out-of-body, so I tried to stay still with my eyes closed and attempt to project.

I tried a method (either the feeling like you're rolling to one side method or imagining your floating up) and I projected (had an OBE)...I felt myself separate from my real body and I was fully conscious during the separation. I was sitting down with my legs forward floating slowly towards the door in my room.

I couldn't believe that I was successful...this all lasted for about 5-10 seconds. I saw my surroundings clearly. everything appeared to be identical to what it looks-like in real-life.