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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Classroom Cloning Centers

June 20 or June 21, 2014

the illusions around me was that of a classroom and there were others there sitting down. somebody did and/or said something annoying to me, so I went up to them and tried to punch them but they (I assumed the teacher) remotely blocked it. I said something like, "hey, you're making me go slow with mk ultra". when I said this I felt like they thought that I might be aware but wasn't 100% sure.I was kinda pissed, so I said out loud to everyone there "you're all at the cloning centers"! then I began to say "you're all clones"! but as I was trying to say that, they remotely "turned off" my ability to talk. I don't know how they do this but they can somehow make one not be able to talk. wtf...not the first time this happened but it sucks when it does. I forgot that I could still talk telepathically...oh well. ha ha I think it's funny. y'know what i did, tell everyone that there at the cloning centers. seems like once again they didn't like that. I began hearing a lot of commotion going on. it's like people were confused when I mentioned them being at the cloning centers and them being clones (assuming I got to get that part out). I believe they deactivated me a little while after the commotion began.

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