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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Control Area

they seem to love it when I'm unaware in their "control area" but they have a problem when I'm aware and leave the room, building or whatever they put me in? uhh why the hell activate me there then? when I'm aware besides following me, they sometimes either try to confuse me or try to get like water in my eyes to make me wake up/go back to my body. this doesn't fully make sense though b/c why don't they just deactivate my clone, right?

seems like they want to make me willingly want to go back to my body so they can time my intent to go back with them deactivating me. stupid, right? all to create the illusion of me being in control, like one is suppose to be during "astral travel" when really there in control the entire time. 

alright so what places do they like to put me in? they usually put me in a school setting or where I currently live now or an apartment where I use to live at.

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