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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fake Memory Of Rey Mysterio's Death

July 29, 2013

On July 28 Celine shared a link about implanting false memories on Don's wall. I remembered as clones "knowing" something was true (an event that had taken place or whatever) while aware when in fact it wasn't (implanted memory) but I wanted to make sure 100%, so I was contemplating whether or not to share the info. On July 29, something amazing happened...I was aware at the Cloning Centers and I was in a school hallway walking with a deceased relative of mine. He mentioned something about Rey Mysterio (WWE wrestler) and I said something about how it was messed up that he died. I "knew" that Rey had definitely died when in reality he is still alive! The memory of his death felt real and I didn't question it at all b/c I "knew" it was true. After I had awoken, I knew that they had implanted a memory of Rey Mysterio being dead in my clone before they activated me with the intent for me to know 100% that they can implant memories. They wanted me to know and perhaps even share the experience...WTF.

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