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Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Looked Different When I Looked Into A Mirror

Don had said before (about the cloning centers) "... just walk around talk look in the mirror in the concourse bathroom, see how close to your real face it looks, usually a slight difference in eye wrinkles or head width jaw shapeand things like that." 

alright, I don't know if this counts...but when I looked in mirrors ("mk ultra mirrors"?) before while at the cc's, I usually look pretty much the same as my real self but I've seen differences though before. ha ha oh one time, I was at this restaurant and I was sitting down eating and talking with twin girls...btw, one of them said their name was "Skiller" (sp.?) and the other one's name was "Alieann" (sp.?). mix those names around n you get Alien Killers or Killer Aliens...speaking of aliens, there was at least one person staring at me as if I was an alien lol. anways, I remember looking into a mirror and my face looked all funny...I don't know, I was kind-of puffy and like Chinese-looking. I was totally aware dream, it's like real.

there were times when I looked in the mirror and I was not me, I was a completely different person (or alien like I mentioned in at least one post before). before I knew of Don's info, I thought it may have been me in like a past life but now I know it's just my consciousness in another person's body. they even put me in a girl's body before (more than once) and I had the same thoughts of my real male-self while in the female body. interesting...

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