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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Levitating Like Criss Angel

shared this on July 19, 2013...

not that long ago, I was outside in the backyard of one of the apartments that I use to live at. I was aware...I levitated up and was saying aloud the Criss Angel Mindfreak theme song lol. just having fun. they somehow instantly while in mid-air had me back down on the ground and I was trying to levitate again but this time it didn't work. then not long after, I was instantly somewhere laying down on a table or something. either before I was laying down or while I was laying down, I could've sworn I saw Queen Elizabeth (probably MK Ultra illusion...not sure). I felt pressure on my lower right leg. someone either said or I read something about Prime Evils...then I read about LBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson?)...I decided to get the hell out-of there and I made my consciousness go back to my real body.

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