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Thursday, June 19, 2014

One Of The Key Players

July 16, 2013

today, while I was flying around and stuff...someone said like "hurt 'em bad" and someone else said "can't he's one of the key players". 

I went outside of the building or whatever and they never really like when I leave the area where they put me at...but I saw like a man (I think) on the ground and I was going to ask his name because that would help to confirm maybe that I was there and stuff. I didn't get to...I guess they knew what I was trying to do and they did something to me (will not say) so I gave up.

BTW, I was 100% aware when this happened.

I know your probably thinking since I mentioned flying that I'm not at a cloning center but you have to remember MK Ultra...

adding more detail to the experience...alright someone was throwing plates at me and I used a force-field (just mk ultra stuff... fake) for protection. and the quotes from above they were talking about me but I'm not sure if I was suppose to hear them saying that to each other or not. I went outside by going through the glass window (mk ultra again... illusion), wall or whatever it was...I think there was snow on the ground too.

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