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Monday, June 16, 2014

Paralyzing Clones Of Me

y’know how Don says about they can paralyze a clone of you? well, they did that to me a few times...

mk visuals around me was a school’s classroom. I was completely aware and I was just going along with everything sitting in the front. I felt someone/something doing something to me remotely. I raised my hand and I told the teacher but he didn’t believe me or ignored me (maybe he was part of it?). I was kinda annoyed and pissed, so I got up and said like I’m leaving (or something like that). now someone was remotely messing with my teeth moving/pulling them (not the first time they did that to me though). I tried to manifest a gun w/ mk ultra in my pants pocket but instead manifested a camera. people had guns or something ready when they saw me quickly take something from my pocket (damn camera lol). so I went to the next classroom (which was full of people like the one I was just in) and some dude (teacher?) came up to me. he wanted me to like focus on his hand (more specifically his index finger). he had like a glove on the hand by the way...after a few seconds, I was like shocked like they tased me or something and instantly dropped to the floor (remember Don says drop to the floor paralyzed?). I was all like dizzy and shocked (no pun intended) but I was kinda trying to get up but decided to focus on going back to my real body and I did (guess they read my mind and knew what I was trying to do, so they deactivated my clone when I was focusing on my real body to make it look like I’m in control when really they are?).

another time...I was on a table and I was fully aware. I saw above me like hooks hanging down and they were going towards my face. I thought they were going to put the hooks in my face and pull, so I was trying to move really hard but couldn’t. I could see everything around me but I couldn’t move.

other time...I was in school or some other place. aware again...saw a girl nearby and I was paralyzed in an awkward position like sitting down but not sitting down (hard to explain). I was telling her to help me and how I couldn’t move...

another experience at the cc's...I was somewhere sitting on like a counter. a few people walking back n forth. some girl walked by looked at me and made a sound like she knew I was going to experience something bad and felt bad for me. next thing I know, I was paralyzed laying sideways (could've been flat on my back but I think it was sideways). this dude (once again think it was the same dude that I saw I don't know how many times now but I remember him) had a hot screw and put it in my mouth. luckily I didn't feel any pain but I was pretty much powerless to do anything cuz I couldn't move. don't think I remembered my mk abilities or whatever you want to call them, so I don't know whether I could've done something with that.

countless times I’ve been paralyzed while I couldn’t see anything at all! blackness...felt or heard stuff all around me but couldn’t see anything or move. I knew/know for sure that it’s not a dream, it’s obvious. completely awake while laying down asleep. I felt entities bite my fingers and stuff and sometimes saw them...some creepy. illusions? real? I don’t’s confusing sometimes.

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