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Friday, June 20, 2014

Pope Benedict XVI

somewhere between October 10 and October 13, 2013...

I was walking around imitating Brock Lesnar’s (WWE wrestler/UFC fighter) theme song/beat to WWE (slighlty jumping up left to right like he does). I was acting crazy. I was running around with my arms out and acting like I was a plane “weee”. afterwards, I saw the Pope Pope Benedict XVI and he was standing up talking to a group (?) of people there I guess but I wasn’t paying attention b/c I could care less what he or anyone has to say. I made the area dark with mk and I made it rain (no not with money lol, literally made it rain) while floating upwards. I think I may have made it thunder and lightning too but not sure...I was also mocking them by doing there stupid satanic symbols. anyways, Pope wasn’t happy and stopped talking. he left the area and I went to where he went and someone like somehow disrespected him or was like acting stupid near him. I was like trying to stop him and the Pope was saying (may have not been with any words though) like what about what you just did.

remember you do things while in a clone body you wouldn’t normally do in your real body! lol...seriously though.

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