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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Saw Don Again @ Cloning Centers?

I saw Donald Marshall again on Friday, March 7, 2014...

I was at the cloning centers levitating and saying like “I’m King Don savior of the world” (just acting stupid because there’s nothing to do there and when you’re a clone you do and say stuff that you really wouldn’t say or do in real body). I was also doing other mk ultra stuff (besides levitating)...I made a force-field around me and did some energy blasts or whatever you want to call them. I heard some dude say like “get him”. then some dude grabbed an object like a remote and timed it with like deactivating my mk ultra abilities or something. I felt like they were kinda tricking me with that object...I tried to talk but they once again somehow made my mouth like glued shut. 

Don came up to me (btw, he looked like how he does in the 2012 interview with Eric Duguay) and I put one of my fists up as if getting ready to punch someone/him. I think he put his hands on my shoulder to like calm me down I guess. I then put my hand/fist down...I was kinda mad and annoyed, I was telling some people that they’re trying to trick me and make me think that it’s Donald Marshall. 

the first paragraph may have taken place AFTER I saw’s a lil confusing. anyways, I don’t know for sure for sure if it was Don or not.


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