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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Saw Obama Again?

April 22, 2014 (I think)

I saw Obama (not 100% sure it was him)...again. he had his head down while walking away (hunched over) from me (where I was anyways). I guess he didn't want to make eye contact or didn't want me to know it was him? I was just walking around...I remember saying to someone while I was somewhat unaware (wasn't unaware the whole entire time though), how I saw Obama at the cloning centers...I used mk ultra to make a fork (think it was a fork) to levitate off the floor and fly towards and in my hand. why? showing off lol. don't know what to do. there were alot of people in one area, some sitting down at tables kinda like a restaurant or cafeteria. I randomly decided to fall down on the floor. got some attention from people...I think they may have thought that my real body that was sleeping woke up or they deactivated me but my consciousness was still aware in the clone body. they zip tied my legs and arms and as they were doing this, I was struggling to break free while saying like “I’m awake, I’m awake”. I thought I was going to feel something really painful. I was now standing up and they put a tube down my throat and I thought about what Don had said, that clones have a feeding tube down their throat while waiting to be activated. they made some type of fluid (juice?) come out of something that appeared to be spilling onto the floor nearby. I was just walking again...I said something to them about how if they’re not going to like deactivate me, then I’m going to make myself wake up then. I tried to hit my head really hard against a cabinet but it was kind in slow-mo for some reason and there wasn’t any hard impact, which was disappointing. walking around...tried to jump over something that a dude was holding or was like near him and they didn’t really allow that or blocked it somehow and finally deactivated my clone.

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