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Sunday, June 15, 2014

September 12, 2013 - Real As Fuck

I was in a room and left. I saw a group of people and said to them "I'm 100% aware, what are you gunna do about it?" I then said "I know I'm at the cloning centers." I said this a few times. the people were just looking at each other like they didn't know what to do or say with a weird/lost expression on their face. some dude like got in my face or something, so I punched him and knocked him down or out. I was prepared to fight them but as I punched and hit them, I noticed that it seem to have no affect on them so I stopped. I said “oh you’re no fun, youse are all pain-numbed clones.” I threw like a drink in someone’s face and threw other stuff at them. then they all began to throw stuff at me, so I made a force-field around me. when they threw stuff, it would hit the invisible force-field that I made and bounce off...they noticed this after a little while and stopped. I said “I’m the best at MK Ultra” and floated up acting kind-of stupid with some “evil laughs” and stuff. I said “I’m going to destroy everything” and they began to sort-of run for cover. I began manifesting like a hurricane or tornado...I heard the wind while I was doing this. it didn’t go exactly as planned though. I didn’t know what to do (boring as usual). I saw a band-aid, so I said as I grabbed it “booo put that over your fuckin eyes.” a girl nearby laughed...I was behind something and noticed like a ton of cereal boxes pile up. I knew this was for me (meaning for them to use to drop on me because they’ve done similar things to me many times before), so I began pushing/dropping the boxes towards them. a girl said “you’re still here?”

I was in this pretty big place that once again had a group of people but they were scattered throughout the place. I was walking around like I run the place (didn’t know what to do). there was a dude to my right behind a small desk that seemed to be in control of the place. he (or maybe someone else but I think it was him) mentioned his YouTube channel and I somehow saw like in my mind but while my eyes were still open (I assume), a YouTube channel but I don’t remember the name of it. I said “get the fuck outta here with your YouTube channel.” I also saw some website or at least the url address but I don’t remember what it was. not sure exactly when but I remember being naked somehow and I grabbed something to cover up. at one point I had some hat on and was pushing my hair into it...some girl said “it’s you!” and I ignored her.

I continued to walk around looking for an exit and I left through an area that had like curtains or something. I saw cars going back and forth and one hit me on my side and I felt pain ("imagined pain"?). I said “ahhh” as I held my side while walking back in. I took that as a warning to “behave" and stay still. I said “alright, alright...” to my right I saw the dude still behind the desk. I had tape in my hand...I flipped my middle fingers. dude said like “what are you doing?” I said something about how I thought they were going to make me go back/phase back...I remember saying to the dude “next time I’ll do worse.” then they deactivated my clone and activated me in some semi-dark area. I was either paralyzed or strapped to the floor (?) flat on my stomach. this area was pretty big and circular and it was rotating. I was looking up and I saw some light coming in from the top of this “ride” or room or whatever the hell I was in. I was saying aloud “please stop” and I think “stop please” like 4 or 5 times. I thought I was going to be tortured with my pain sensors on and I gotta do or say anything to prevent it. also, sometimes I’m able to talk my way outta crazy situations, so I thought I would give it a shot. unfortunately, it didn’t work but I wasn’t tortured. the “ride” lasted for like a minute or two (hard to say for sure) and then stopped. I heard the “desk dude” (pretty sure it was him even though I didn’t see him or anyone) say “now your scarred for life.”

the stuff that I described above may not be in the exact order they took place but it's a pretty accurate description. also, I don't think my clone was only deactivated and reactivated once. it's not easy to remember everything especially if your there for hours and hours and/or in different MK Ultra scenarios.

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