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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Day I Posted The First Rap

they keep doing stuff to me or putting me in certain situations like they're trying to tell me or prove to me that Don's info is real. they haven't literally told me yet that I'm at the cloning centers or anything...oh umm the day I posted the rap (day before), I could've sworn I saw Tila Tequila but I don't remember exactly what happened and if it was really her maybe she had a problem with what I said lol...y'know for her to stop misleading. they also did a weird Project Pegasus thing to me, like rewinding the day or making me experience the same things over and over. it was involved like a huge dog that kept getting way too close to me lol. I also remembered each time what had just happened...

I would've been able to give better details but when I woke up, I tried to block it out of my mind because I had no intention of relaying what took place...

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