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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Day My Consciousness Was Transferred To A Vril Type 3

I tried to recall as much detail as possible regarding that day when I was in a Vril body. I believe the following is pretty accurate: On June 2, 2011 at the cloning centers I was in the apartment where I live at now (mk visuals), in my room. It was dark but not completely dark. I was standing looking in the mirror that was in my room on the wall and I was shocked to see that I was a Grey alien (Vril Type 3). I attempted to change my facial expression to see if it was really me and the face of the alien me in the mirror changed to the desired facial expression, so I knew it was really me and not an illusion. The alien me appeared to be like 6ft tall (assuming the distance from the mirror to the floor was the same as in real life) with dark black slanted eyes and it was greyish in color. The head seemed to be a little big (noticeably wider at the top/forehead area) and in between where there would be eyebrows on a human (middle of forehead), there were two areas (one on each side of like where the eyebrows would start) that were protruding from its face. One would probably assume it to be malevolent based on appearance. I guess they deactivated my clone and activated me in another clone b/c soon after, I “woke up” on my bed (where my real body was sleeping at) lying on my side (still dark and still in my room) and saw to my left about two feet away from me, 3 aliens. Since I was too tired, I acted as if I didn't see them and rolled to my right side to go back to sleep.

this is what Donald Marshall said about that day I was in a Vril body:

"opened my eyes there and I was between the arena and the concourse, in the opening to the arena on the far end, Phil Reece and a couple of others said they wanted me to see something,... walked away from the arena into the concourse under the stands that goes all the way around with bathrooms other small rooms like hockey dressing rooms but set up differently inside, In the middle of the concourse was a vrill type 3 standing there, I thought I was going to have to fight it, so tensed up, then they said no you dont have to fight it, watch this, its funny, they and the ones with the Vrill (which was temporarily containing your "consciousness) walked into the bathroom... they pointed the vrill at the mirror, it was walking like a robot, no intelligence it seemed, just robot... they told me its a human in a vrill, watch the reaction, so I stood there, thinking it would turn around and bite me at any time... they pressed a button on a small remote and it flinched, then tried to talk but the mouth is different, it came out bargled, they looked at the mirror and made apanic sound like meurrrrr then started pulling at the facial skin a little and examining itself, scared looking but still monstrous looking, then I said... ->

yer ok, this is temporary your dreaming right now and your safe in your bed,... I've said that before to confused freaking out people,... they hate it when I do that, because the ones in the crowd that think they are in the Astral plane start asking questions about the reality of the situation... anyway the Vrill body didn't seem to register that it understood,... kept examining its face... I thought it was a female person they'd put in the vrill, but it was you... they did that to me too a few times... scared the shit outta me, I thought I was stuck like that,... you seemed to be under that impression too... anyway... I asked them why they do this to people, its so loser nerdy, I said they'd have the same terrified response if it was done to them,... this is pathetic to do to someone... and they pressed another button on a small remote control, and the vrill dropped, some guy in the room grabbed it by the armpits and eased it to the tile floor so it wouldn't break an arm or head with the fall... I acted confident and said that was nerdy man... and just started walking out of the bathroom...

anyway,... Astral Light made a status within the next few days about being in a vrill body, and when he said pulling at the face while looking in the mirror and the rest of the description, I knew that was him... I was hesitant to say, thinking 2 things... lol People gonna think Donald says EVERYONE goes there lol,.... Orrrr that was a staged thing to get me to trust Astral... and to get me an ally that was in their back pocket. :P However that would never work, as I trust not one person in the world... :)

They were going to do something to you, unknown what,... they thought they'd let me watch someone else being victimized for a change,... I got em to skip whatever bs they were going to spring on you,... unknown what they'd done to you before or after, I wasn't there then... just for that short time... it was Mk Ultra visuals that made you see your bedroom... it looks real as real, your own mind extrapolates what your memory of your bedroom looks like... better than computer graphics... so convincing, that if you bump into something that isnt there and your mind cant explain it, your brain will imagine what that bump would feel like and make you think you just hurt the bumped spot... its crazy shit.”

this is the link to the post in which more detail was revealed by Don:

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