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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cut Up 2 Clones Of Me

years ago...

they put me in what appeared to be an apartment that I use to live at and they were controlling my body. as they controlled me, I saw my surroundings kind-of transition into what appear to be like a control room. there were computers with people sitting down near them. they were making me move around in mid-air...different directions. however, I was aware the whole time. I intentionally sometimes act like I'm unaware so I could learn new things or see new things and this was one of those times. they seemed like they weren't too sure whether I was aware. one woman said something about putting me in some area to like test me to see if I'm aware or not. okay I was near this elevator or something...I then decided to stop acting like I was unaware but it was too late. I somehow was instantly in a dark room blind laying down on a flat surface and I heard like a saw blade near me. I tried to get my sight back through will-power and I saw this huge blade cut my body in half. then I guess they deactivated that dead useless clone of me and activated me in another...same place. I was flying around (kinda dark) and saw a lot of like fan blades spinning. I tried to avoid them but it seemed like they "pushed" me towards them or something. it sliced me up and I saw my blood everywhere along with my body parts while aware. no pain but disturbing...I was just laying there in pieces for a little while.

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