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Monday, June 16, 2014

They Live 2

a few days ago...there was a video playing at the cc's and I usually ignore them but this time I decided to pay attention. I saw a trailer for the movie They Live 2. I saw some weird/creepy monster alien thing...then I turned around when it finished and some dude (which I seen a couple times now and I don't know why) sitting down, had some thing that he made go towards me quick. it was like that alien thing that I just saw in the They live 2 trailer that was played. I think they tried to scare me but it didn't work. I grabbed it and whipped it at the wall and it broke.

The creature looked similar to this...

y'know what? I think they showed me that creature because it was them saying that they knew that I was going to post about the Zombie Virus soon. how would they know? bouncing time back...why do I think that? because when I was searching for a picture to use as the zombie today, one of the pics I saw was that creature on the bottom. and when I saw it, I couldn't believe it in a way. I was like "that's what I saw" and then kinda figured that that is why they showed me and did that. well, also an attempt to scare me too. maybe trying to give my real body a heart attack or something.

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