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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Who Do You Think You Are?

September 25, 2013

I remember telling one dude about Donald Marshall. 

I was at some place and I flew up to a low-level opening/window. as I flew through (I was saying in my mind "I know I'm at the cloning centers") I saw a familiar was like this play area for kids (I think this is the area that no too long ago they said to me like mentally that it's a pedophile's paradise). okay so I was walking and most likely the scenery changed (although I don't recall seeing the transition) and there were tables (as if it was a school's cafeteria). I saw a lot of kids coming in and sitting down. there were some adults there as well. I was walking all confident and cocky-like. I saw Dr. Jerome Corsi or someone similar-looking. he (or someone else?) said "who do you think you are"? I looked back and smirked. I ignored him and everyone else. there was some dude who seemed to be annoyed with me and my attitude and I was "forced" to follow him. I knew (or at least felt like) he was taking me to be like punished...I was in trouble it seemed. apparently they did something to my mouth because it was hard to verbally talk like there was glue in my mouth or something (this is not the first time that I experienced this though). I decided to try to communicate via artificial telepathy. I was saying mentally to him while we were walking something like "okay okay I'll stay still and I won't do anything". he was saying verbally how like there's no discussing this (like it's a done deal). at one point, I was placing two of my fingers on my temple to communicate telepathically (not like I needed to do that) and he would say like what am I doing...I responded how I was trying to talk to him because he did something to my mouth (as I was pointing/moving my hands near my mouth area to show this). so since I knew I was going to some place to most likely experience something not good, I focused really hard on going back/phasing back to my real body and I did but I was paralyzed on my bed and I used force and will-power to fully wake-up.

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