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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kelly Ripa

hey remember recently Don talked about Kelly Ripa on his wall? well, I saw her today at the cc’s for the first time. we were standing somewhere indoors and others were there as well. it was like a show I guess but I didn’t really see an audience. I went up some stairs or whatever and sat down near a table and Kelly sat to my right. I believe there was someone else to my left too. in front of me was a camera, which I “knew” was for the show and I “knew” it was live. I felt a little uncomfortable mainly because the whole on TV live thing. Kelly had some crackers with some cream on them and I think gave me some but mine had no cream on it and they were stale lol. I tried to tell her about how mine doesn’t have any cream but she was like ignoring me. it was as if I wasn’t even there. anyways, I was trying to act normal and relaxed kinda laughed even (at what? don’t remember). she was talking to someone else that was on my left. I was looking at her weird-like guess it was cuz she’s supposedly a host of Vril. don’t recall exactly what I was thinking but I believe it was about her being a host. then after a little while, she (and the other person?) left. kinda awkward situation there but whatever. I left and slid/jumped down this wall/side of the stage. some girl was apparently going to be on that stage thing next and I was asked basically if I would go on with her. I agreed. I was going back up but they deactivated me or I just woke up randomly.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finally "They" Mentioned Cloning Centers

finally...finally for the first time, they mentioned cloning centers while I was at the cloning centers!

today (Wed, August 13, 2014) at the cc’s...

kay...I was at some place indoors, kinda like shop at school. I saw people from a school I use to go to (not the first time). I really don’t like hanging with them and I don’t even like them but...I was there with them and the teacher or whatever passed out some papers. I was wondering why I didn’t get mine. then, they gave me one. I looked at it and it mentioned at least two known people (the president may have been one) said something about Draconian...the people there seem to automatically say yes/check yes for like the first two questions (?). I thought this was kinda weird and seemed suspicious like they knew that they were really a host or were hinting at something like that. I wanted to say something (cause I know/knew obviously) but I decided not to. in my mind, I said to myself “the Illuminati has me by the balls”.

after a little while (same place same people), a girl (from school) says outta no-where while sitting down like “...the cloning centers, what they do to the children there.” I look at her in surprise (thinking to myself how I gotta watch what I say) and I said something like “who told you that”? she replied, “my grandfather...made a hole in the Pacific Ocean and the water came rushing in. the Earth caved in” something like that...pretty close if not exact to what she said. creepy response...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Amon Ra Attacked Me?

kinda interesting...yesterday (or the day before?), at the cloning centers I heard some dude say something like "that's him, he's the one..." I couldn't see anything, it was all black the whole time as far as I remember. then something attacked me, it was stomping on me. I was trying to stop it from happening but I was blind...for some reason, in my mind I "knew" or was told (?) that it was Amon Ra. I'm not saying that it definitely was but before that happen, I was pissed and was dissing him in my real body. perhaps coincidence or whatever but still thought I would relate.