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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finally "They" Mentioned Cloning Centers

finally...finally for the first time, they mentioned cloning centers while I was at the cloning centers!

today (Wed, August 13, 2014) at the cc’s...

kay...I was at some place indoors, kinda like shop at school. I saw people from a school I use to go to (not the first time). I really don’t like hanging with them and I don’t even like them but...I was there with them and the teacher or whatever passed out some papers. I was wondering why I didn’t get mine. then, they gave me one. I looked at it and it mentioned at least two known people (the president may have been one) said something about Draconian...the people there seem to automatically say yes/check yes for like the first two questions (?). I thought this was kinda weird and seemed suspicious like they knew that they were really a host or were hinting at something like that. I wanted to say something (cause I know/knew obviously) but I decided not to. in my mind, I said to myself “the Illuminati has me by the balls”.

after a little while (same place same people), a girl (from school) says outta no-where while sitting down like “...the cloning centers, what they do to the children there.” I look at her in surprise (thinking to myself how I gotta watch what I say) and I said something like “who told you that”? she replied, “my grandfather...made a hole in the Pacific Ocean and the water came rushing in. the Earth caved in” something like that...pretty close if not exact to what she said. creepy response...

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