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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kelly Ripa

hey remember recently Don talked about Kelly Ripa on his wall? well, I saw her today at the cc’s for the first time. we were standing somewhere indoors and others were there as well. it was like a show I guess but I didn’t really see an audience. I went up some stairs or whatever and sat down near a table and Kelly sat to my right. I believe there was someone else to my left too. in front of me was a camera, which I “knew” was for the show and I “knew” it was live. I felt a little uncomfortable mainly because the whole on TV live thing. Kelly had some crackers with some cream on them and I think gave me some but mine had no cream on it and they were stale lol. I tried to tell her about how mine doesn’t have any cream but she was like ignoring me. it was as if I wasn’t even there. anyways, I was trying to act normal and relaxed kinda laughed even (at what? don’t remember). she was talking to someone else that was on my left. I was looking at her weird-like guess it was cuz she’s supposedly a host of Vril. don’t recall exactly what I was thinking but I believe it was about her being a host. then after a little while, she (and the other person?) left. kinda awkward situation there but whatever. I left and slid/jumped down this wall/side of the stage. some girl was apparently going to be on that stage thing next and I was asked basically if I would go on with her. I agreed. I was going back up but they deactivated me or I just woke up randomly.

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