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Monday, December 28, 2015

Knee Device

Today at the CC’s...I was activated several times lying flat on my back in some room or whatever. I don’t think I was able to move, I could see around me though (not sure if I was able to see the whole time during every activation). I may have been like semi-aware. It was semi-dark. I saw what I thought was Eminem in the distance. He (or some dude) may or may not have helped them “get me." Slightly hard to explain...someone or something was like tightening screws or whatever they had around and/or inside my knee area (both knees). I felt pain and was reacting to the pain (sounds, facial know). What the hell is wrong with these people? <<< Saying this now, not at cloning. Anyways, I recall standing up and checking on myself (guess it was a clone of me). I saw blood around my scalp and in my hair. Disturbing. It looked like I was dead. Hmm...I remember walking somewhere and this woman told me something but I didn’t fully understand and made her aware of that...When I woke up, didn't feel good because of what they did at the cloning centers. It affects your real body.

Yesterday at cloning, I couldn’t see anything. Unknown whether I could move or not. Someone placed what felt like a defibrillator paddle on my heart for a little while...

I was activated lying down and couldn’t move. I could see there were people near me. I believe I was naked. I was wondering what they were going to do to me. I was curious... and then out-of no-where something slammed on my body, chest or something. It happened very fast, don’t know what they did. I think I just felt the impact without pain ???

I was once again flat on my back and couldn’t see. Someone was choking me or attempting to and it felt real.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

World Leaders

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 (I think)

I was aware in a dark (maybe semi-dark) area (indoors) at first. There were some people there. I was really annoyed and kind-of pissed that I was there again. I went a little crazy lol. I was flipping stuff over (like a  TV for example but it was most likely mk visuals). Some dude was sitting down at a table and said like, “if you make fun of any of the world leaders, you’ll be in it for 30 reigns (sp. ?) and that won’t be good (or “and that’s not good”).” I said like, “I’m not scared, do I look scared to you?” There was no response.

I went closer to him and said like, “how do I know who all the world leaders are, so I won’t talk about them at the cloning centers...and memorize it...?” Not really sure why I said that even though I was aware. He was just looking at me. I was saying things like, “how would I know?!” “Tell me, you can’t answer that, can you?” While I was saying that, they made it hard for me to verbally communicate somehow (not the first time). He had no answer. He had like a blank expression on his face. They deactivated me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Robert Pickton

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Some dude (I believe it was someone from one of the schools I went to) had his leg blocking mine (slightly confusing to explain), kind-of like an attempt to trip me. but not really. I tried to get his leg off or away from me. I may have talked about it first...He still left his leg there, so I punched him in the face. I think I tried to pick him up and throw him. I might have punched someone else nearby as well. 

Then, couldn’t see anything and they kept punching me over and over. May have been paralyzed. No pain. 

On Saturday, October 24, I posted, “Stop fukkin activating me at the Cloning Centers and keep your clone sex slave wh*res away from me!” on Queen Elizabeth’s Facebook page. I knew they would most likely get me for this but I still wanted to post it lol. I'm tired of them bothering me at cloning, like randomly having their sex slaves do stupid sh*t to me and near me. Stay the fuk away from me. I don't care whether it's a celeb or not, just leave me alone. 

At night when I was lying down, I was ready for whatever. I expected them to do something. 

I was fully aware and it was semi-dark. There were a few people in the room or area. It seems as if they used MK visuals to copy and place me in some area that looks similar to the picture above (even the lighting). Some dude said like, “this is Robert Pickton, he’s the one that...” This man with short hair comes towards me and I knew it was Robert Pickton. He was telling me about his ball-peen hammer as he held it in his hands. He was saying how that’s what he used to kill the prostitutes. I said like, “alright, alright you got me.” Pickton continued to talk...I said like, “alright, alright.” I thought he or someone was going to hit me in the head with the hammer. I was thinking about how much it would hurt...

They did something to me because when I woke up, my heart was all messed up. It was beating crazy and skipping beats. I tried to calm down and breathe slowly like I did in the past whenever this happened. Annoying and disturbing.

I’ll still post whatever I want. :)

I don’t know if this was the same day or the next day (Monday, October 26)...MK visuals appeared to be outside somewhere and it was dark. I was walking with some kid I know who in a way is like a nephew to me. Anyways, as I was walking, I thought of going a different direction and when I thought this, the kid went in that direction as if he read my mind or something. I thought this was weird, the timing of it. I was annoyed. I said like, “You’re Illuminati!” “You’re either programmed or you knew where I was going to go because of bounce-back.” I was thinking in my mind about how to word it right, the part about the technology to bounce time back. They weren’t too happy that I was aware (really I was like semi-aware), like always. :) They deactivated me soon after I said all this to the kid out loud.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Flying Monster (Amon Ra?)

MK Ultra illusions all around me...I was walking somewhere outside and as I was walking, I heard what appeared to be loud footsteps nearby. I thought this was odd. I began floating upwards (just MK visuals but seems real)...There was some dude in front of me and he screamed when he saw me. I decided to play along and change into some creature with wings. I was trying to scare him. At this point, I would say I was semi-aware or something. Anyways, he said something like, “no, not you” or” not you.” What he meant was that he’s not screaming because of me or he’s not scared of me, it’s something else. Then, I believe he mentioned something about behind me or I simply knew he was talking about something behind me. He said like, “...the biggest monster in the world.” I looked behind me and I saw something huge with wings (I assume) flying towards me or us. I guess you could say it looked-like a dragon. I flew away and this creature followed me, so I knew it was after me. It seemed like it had something over its body as if it was wearing a costume of some-sort. I’m not 100% sure...It was as if they did this to hide its real scary-looking appearance or at least that’s what I assume. They’ve done this before in the past (perhaps it was the same creature?). It (the thing that was over the entirety of the “monsters" body) may have just been illusions/visuals since everything else most likely was. It was trying to grab me with its claws. It managed to get a hold of me but I broke free by pulling away. I proceeded to fly...It continued to follow and got me again. This time, I failed to escape. It bit the side of my abdomen and I felt pain for a little while. *sigh* Soon after, I believe they deactivated me. My real body didn’t feel good after this experience (not that it ever feels good or “normal”). :(

This thing that I had seen may have been Amon Ra...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chinese Man In Uniform

Saturday, September 12, 2015 or maybe Sunday, September 13, 2015

I don’t think I was able to see anything. Not sure if I could move or not, I would say no (paralyzed). They stabbed me in the throat. Pain sensors were off or on really low.

Date = Not sure

Pummeled me again lol. Don’t remember much...wasn’t going to even relate what happened anyways.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lets see...I believe I was activated sitting down on the floor. Looked behind me and noticed there was some dude waaay too close to me. I was annoyed. I punched him in the groin and for awhile it seemed like it didn’t have any affect. Noticed his facial expression had changed and I had assumed there was some discomfort. I got up and I thought I was telling the dude off but either mk ultra was used or I simply had mistakened someone else for him. One can get confused more easily as a clone. Anyways, the dude I was now talking to was like some Chinese dude in uniform (marine?). He seemed to have some authority there... I was going off on him and he said (I believe it was telepathically) like, “you’re talking to me?”  I said that I was. He looked over at someone and nodded his head, like giving a command to someone to do something. Next thing I know, I couldn’t talk anymore. They once again, had turned off my ability to communicate verbally. What did I do? I just continued to talk telepathically lol. I said mentally, “I know you can hear me.” I said some other stuff but don’t recall what it was. I began walking away from the area...Someone (or maybe even two people) grabbed me from behind and I was trying to break free. I was somewhat successful. Not too long after, I guess I was deactivated.

This is also where I got some inspiration to make a post about China on Facebook and Google +. :)

Uhh...stop bothering me at the cloning centers. Annnd in real body...clowns. Killuminati.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


A few days ago at cloning...People (or maybe just one person) was punching me in the head while I was laying down on the floor (I assume). I couldn’t see anything. My pain sensors were off. I don’t think I was able to move either, which means my clone was paralyzed.

I was standing up somewhere and there was this object on the floor moving...It was similar to a skateboard but smaller (yes, with wheels at the bottom). It seemed like one was suppose to use it like skates to move around with instead of walking. Anyways, as I saw it I immediately thought and said out loud, “that’s something the Illuminati would probably use because they’re too lazy to do any actual work.” This is exactly what I said or really really close. They got me again after that lol. Hitting me in the face and I couldn’t see. I think I was on the ground or some flat surface. I believe I was paralyzed as well. Pain sensors were off.

Yesterday at cloning...activated and I was once again getting hit after hit in the face. I couldn’t defend myself at all. Pathetic really. I was laying on a flat surface (probably the floor). Of course, they removed my ability to see anything too. There’s a shock. Pain sensors must’ve been at zero. 

I suppose I was on the floor. Where? I don’t know. This isn’t a dream, that’s for sure. It’s real with real pain sometimes. Someone or some people were hitting me hard in the face/head as I was paralyzed and blind. My clone self fully aware of what’s happening, noticed there was no pain (like most of the time, thankfully). Then, it seemed like they turned the pain sensors on a little and it didn’t feel good. My head was getting smashed. I think they may have used a hammer as well. Could’ve sworn I heard sounds, like the sound of a fist or hammer hitting me? I tried really hard to focus on transferring my consciousness back to my real body. A few unsuccessful attempts and then I escaped the nightmare.

I reeeally didn’t feel good yesterday and today (so far) in my real body. :( Please God and everyone who is reading this and everyone who is aware of all of this, help us be free from the cloning centers and the Illuminati. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015


I couldn’t see anything and felt something bite my hand (just like the Nephilim did last year to me). I would say the pain sensors were probably on around a low setting. I think it was something big (just a guess), like Draconians. I assume this was a warning.

I was walking somewhere (appeared to be indoors) and there were people around me walking as well. This girl walked toward my direction and said, “not you.” I thought to myself Dana Vespoli, so it may have been her or reminded me of her? I was annoyed that I was even there again, like always. I started to say out loud, “leave me alone, Illuminati fa*gets.” About half way through saying that, they were doing something to me remotely. This affected my ability to talk somehow. It’s kind-of confusing to explain what I felt. I said, “okay, okay.” Then, I was lying flat (I assume) on my back and couldn’t see anything. I was paralyzed and tried to focus on transferring my consciousness to my real body. After awhile, I woke up. Still extremely tired.

I was somewhere on the ground and couldn’t see anything. People were punching my face over and over again. My pain sensors were off and I was defenseless of course. I said, “leave me alone, fa*gets.” This same situation I believe happened twice. 

I believe I stood up after I was getting punched in the face repeatedly at least once. I could now see and I was standing in a small room (unknown whether it was real or simply MK visuals). There were a few people there. I had my arms spread out and focused on going back to my real body. As I did this, I attempted to use MK Ultra and focused on an energy blast all around me with the intent of hitting those that are nearby.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sneak Attack

I appeared to be somewhere indoors (most likely mk visuals), like an apartment. I looked out a large window and there was a dude standing there (don’t think he had much on) . Told my brother (I think it was him but not with his actual consciousness running the clone), basically to not look out. There was this young guy (may have been same person as the one I saw out the window) and I grabbed his face and said, “Illuminati puppet...scumbag.” I knew for some reason as I was saying this, that they were going to hit me in the back of the head but I still decided to just stay there saying what I wanted to say. They hit me in the back of the head with what I believe was a hammer. First hit, I stood there still facing that dude I was talking to. Then a second and finally a third hit. Felt weird, like blood or something was coming out. Didn’t feel good. Pain sensors must’ve been off or close to off but still...I fell down after a little while and I knew I was dying and “felt” myself die (I was thinking to myself something like, “so this is how it feels like when you die”). After I woke up, I noticed my brain/head hurts more than usual (yeah, something’s wrong with me lol...not really funny but y’know) and feels...strange. :( Thanks to them hitting me...clowns. Die Illuminati Die!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Deja Vu

This is another strange far. Again. *sigh*

Either they keep bouncing time back and I recall random events that had taken place throughout the day or they bounced time back awhile ago (e.g. a week ago, a month ago, etc.) and I simply recall random events that had taken place throughout those days. This is happening alot now. Deja Vu...I believe there was a reset recently. A reset...more than once. Groundhog days.

Anyways, while at the cloning centers...some dude was trying to hit me with an axe on the head. I tried to bock it with some weapon I had. Partially successful. I believe he/they got me because I could’ve sworn I got hit and then thought about no pain. 

This is confusing and can’t recall clearly what happened. I believe I was lying down on a flat surface (?) and someone or some people (?) were hitting me (with an axe?) or doing something to me. Possible torture? I think I felt pain and as I was experiencing whatever was happening to me, someone said telepathically like, “we over did it last time” (not sure exact wording). What he meant, was that they kept doing stuff to me with the pain sensors on (I assume) for too long and killed me or maybe they just went crazy attacking me with the pain sensors on or off and killed me? Quick death? I don’t know. I remembered or so-called remembered them killing me (real body or just clone body) by clone torture or attacks with a weapon (s).

My brother and I were high up on top of a building or something (pretty sure it was just mk visuals) and we somehow were falling or at least I felt like I was falling. I told him about how we’re dead on impact.

After I woke up, my head felt all weird (because I think they hit my head with an axe or something at the cloning centers). Then again, my head and chest hasn’t felt good or normal for months and months. :(

Monday, June 22, 2015

Big Bird

I don’t know if my brother was talking about Amon Ra or making fun of him or something but... He did and/or said something and I said like, “that’s not smart, he’s scary scary.” At some point, I said, “Ray” for some reason (can’t remember why but I think it had something to do with what was written on a piece of paper). Also, I recall saying “eight-foot fa*got.” Not too long after, here it comes. Seen it coming at a distance (I guess it could’ve just been mk visuals...don’t know). I was trying to “get ready” to see it up-close. Not sure what happened but I was on the ground flat on my back and either Ray (I assume it was Amon Ra) or someone (or two people) was holding my arms to the side/back. Big Bird had it’s huge foot moving slowly down on my chest. I was thinking that it was going to stomp me/crush me. I moved my head left and right as if to say, “no don’t.” Then, I was fully paralyzed and trying to break the paralysis. I felt very tired...I made a few attempts to break free with partial success (I’m sure it was just them slowly “releasing me” from paralysis timing it with my thoughts/attempts or maybe I simply "saw" and "felt" that I was breaking free but it was just mk ultra?). I don’t know for sure for sure, if it was really Ray.

Amon Ra:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bloody Face

I think they've been increasing the intensity of whatever they been doing to me in real body today (and I think yesterday) because of me going crazy posting Don's stuff everywhere on Facebook and on YouTube. Also, doesn't help I'm sure when I posted about their biggest secret Chipheads on some Facebook groups as well. Have to, I don't want to exclude that.

At the Cloning Centers...I remember bleeding out-of no-where. Don't know what they did to me but blood was kind-of dripping from my face (not as bad as it may sound though). Some blood on the floor. It seemed like there was a cut or something on my forehead (?). I tried to stop the bleeding. I believe I looked in the mirror in my room (mk visuals was where I live now) and saw my face, which looked a little swollen. My right eye was basically swollen shut. Left eye seemed a little weird. 

I was like partially paralyzed (?) on a flat surface and tried to shake my head around to wake my real body up. My head was really hurting. Lots of pressure. Felt like it was going to pop. Doesn't feel good right now as I type this. Hurts. Then again, it hurt before this experience. Chest doesn't feel good either. :(

Regardless, don't stop sharing Donald Marshall's information. It all must be known.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Nostradamus Picture Plate #38

Originally posted and experienced I believe on August 28, 2014

I was very tired and sleepy out-of no-where today (felt like it was them that did this remotely). they did this to me yesterday too (and other times) and I was going to go with it (meaning go to sleep) but as I was laying down, they mark 3'd me a few times briefly...some of the things were drowning and a hook in my eye, so I decided to get back up lol.

anyways, today they did the same and I just knew (or felt like) that they wanted me there at the cloning centers for whatever reason. I went with it this time...I was standing in a room and there were many many people sitting down at tables around me. now I was fully aware and calm but not feeling 100% (a little confusing to explain). I was trying to become more aware by focusing and with will-power (I use to do this when I thought it was the astral plane back then). there was a creature in front of me kinda small in size (several feet in length I would say) and like dark brownish in color. it had some like weird-looking things attached to the sides, guess it was suppose to be wings (?). when I saw it I instantly said “fake” with no expression on my face. I heard someone saying to someone else like “I told you..." I felt like he was basically saying to the person that he knew I would probably know it’s fake. the creature told me “fuck you” in a weird voice lol and people laughed. I was thinking in my mind “Nephilim” and how they can talk. I was surprised that it talked or at least appeared to. I wasn’t really paying attention to it the whole time there though. I was just trying to walk around and find something to do. someone had eventually got me from behind and held my arms behind my back. before or after this happened, the creature was nearby and I touched that winged (or whatever) part of it and it felt warm. it somehow came off/fell off from the creature...

that's what it looked-like [the brownish creature in the picture above]...notice the timing (once again like the Kelly Ripa thing) of the experience. Don posted about this today and I had this experience today. wtf.

I knew they wanted me there. wow...I can't believe I may have actually seen the real thing. why they added fake wings or whatever to the sides of it, I don't know.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Taken For A Ride

Today at the Cloning Centers...

I was activated sitting down in the backseat of a car and someone was driving me somewhere. There was a dude (driver?) in front of me in the passengers side. I said in my mind, “I’m aware”. I punched the dude in the back of the head and his head bounced forward. I believe I began forcefully laughing. They deactivated me and activated me again in the car. The deactivation of my clone and reactivation seem like it took a second or two. I was still aware. Now the dude was to my left. I guess they thought that I would become unaware by switching a few things up or something. However, this did not work as I was still aware. I was sitting down but this time they paralyzed me. I told the dude mentally, “watcha gunna do when the populace tears you to shreds?” He looked at me...seemed like he was slightly concerned. I stared at him and said, “fearless” (referring to my self). They then deactivated me again.

I was in some place, which appeared to be indoors...Others were there too. I was throwing stuff everywhere because I was angry. Flipped a table over or two.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Alien Threat - Closing Gates Of Hades

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 (Closing Gates of Hades)

I was somewhere, it seemed pretty big. It was kinda dark. There were others there in the distance. For some reason, I was calling the people there “pu**y.” Then, just moments after...I couldn’t see and something bit my hand and crushed it. I felt the pain and I was screaming. Nephilim told me (it sounded the same as in the video below), “we don’t want you talking about us.” I said, “okay okay.” I was then deactivated. This is first ever alien threat. They might get me for posting this.

I told Donald Marshall via Skype, that I couldn’t tell him what happened (when I mentioned about feeling pain at the Cloning Centers). Well, now I said what happened. I don’t like being told what to do.

Video of creature...voice can be heard at approx. 1:52:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

You're All Dead

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I was walking somewhere and I said, “I’m aware.” Then, I was laughing and they did something to my neck that caused some pain and pressure? I don’t think I saw anything while this was happening.

I was in an area standing and nearby was Ariana Grande. Standing across from me was Snoop Dogg and I believe to the left of him was another celebrity. I was angry. I was trying to get Snoop’s attention and said his name out loud. Then, I said, “fu** you Snoop.” I was saying, “you’re all dead.” I think I said something to Ariana but I was like being a smart a**/ cocky. They kept taking away my ability to speak somehow. When I couldn’t talk verbally, I used Artificial Telepathy to communicate.

Some dude told me, “we have to figure out something to do to you.” I told them how they can’t...

I was sitting down somewhere (don’t know if that’s how I was activated). Some dude was trying to do something to me and I was resisting/blocking. I said, “what are you going to do, paralyze me?”

Someone I guess threw something at me and I ducked down/moved out-of the way several times. The rotating object kept coming towards me (probably was MK Ultra visual). I then stood still and tried to focus on stopping it with my mind. Didn’t seem like it had any effect though.

I entered a room and there was a huge screen to my right and some smaller screens to my left. There was a group of people sitting down on chairs. I decided to sit down and see what will happen. I also wanted to remember what I was seeing for when I wake up. On the huge screen was some cartoon playing. I don’t remember exactly what was on the smaller screens. There was a man to my right near the large screen sitting down and I felt like he and possibly someone else was in control of the area that I was in. It seemed like I was invisible to everyone, like they were ignoring my presence.

I thought I woke up (False Awakening) and I either got out of the shower or I was automatically wet lol. I attempted to put my hand thru the mirror to test whether I was really up or not and it went thru. I said, “I’m at the cloning centers.”

They showed me some dude using some device or software to change his voice to someone else’s. I said something like, “I already know about voice modifying software.” They tried to correct me...

We were talking about Tila Tequila’s Cloning Centers radio show and it seems like they were trying to make me think that it may have not been her that was on radio. I think it had to do with the device or software that changed one’s voice. I said (or just thought?) that I believe it was really her (Tila). I and/or they may have mentioned Donald Marshall. 

I was in a small area similar to an elevator shaft. There was either stairs or just like metal bars. I was hanging (?). My brother was there and I felt like this was the end. I told him to hold in the pain. I fell or something. This big spider (?) monster thing got me and that was it. Don’t know if it was just an illusion or not. It all happened fast.


free-will line was drawn, shoulda never crossed there
Illuminati members remember you walk around wit cross-hairs

Monday, April 6, 2015

Electrical Current

I believe in September or October 2014...

This is around the time when I began feeling pressure, vibrations/tingling sensations and sometimes pain in the center of my chest.

I was laying on the floor on some sofa cushions in a different room because it was really difficult to sleep in my room. They kept doing stuff to me at the cloning centers and in real body randomly. For example, they would make my brain hurt and burn (real body) for hours and hours. They somehow was able to do this right when I was about to go to sleep as well. I assume maybe they timed it perfectly because of bouncing back time? Then, they would know of course what time I went to sleep that day, right?

I eventually went to sleep and I believe at first I was activated standing up somewhere...I felt like they were going to do what Don talked about when they kill a person remotely, which is apply a constant electrical current to the clone. The person dies of a heart attack or aneurysm the same day or the next day. This is a little hard to remember...Anyways, I think I overheard them talking about it or something. I was deactivated and then activated laying down on a table. There was at least one man nearby (may have been holding wires or something). I knew what was going to happen. I said something like, “please don’t...Army of Light, we’re not suppose to be harmed or killed.” He (or another dude) said, “we’re ready.” They attached wires (?) to me and I felt what I would say was an electrical current going through me. I was trying to force my consciousness to go back to my real body by focusing. I was then deactivated or woke up by chance. After a little while, I went back to sleep and was activated on the table again. This was unbelievably annoying and disturbing. Hard to go to sleep after that (and I mean everyday not just that day).

Not sure if this was the same day or not....

Once again, I went to sleep same way as described above. I was walking around somewhere indoors. I had headphones on for some reason. This girl walked by and said I look-like David Blaine. There were people everywhere. I was sitting down...didn’t know what to do or say. This man said something like, “we watched your videos and we don’t like..." At one point, I began pulling off something that was attached to my neck. I think the object (s) was red. Some dude said, “they might kill you.” I was trying to hide behind something...

Alex Jones Told Me...

Monday, April 6, 2015

I guess I was semi-aware or something...There was this girl that pointed at my heart (may have actually touched my chest). I felt some pain/discomfort. I was trying to hold it in at first and act as if it was no big deal but then I said, “okay okay, I’ll leave.” What I meant was that I’ll willingly try to transfer my consciousness back to my real body (which is what I use to do sometimes when I use to believe that I was in control the whole time and could leave the “Astral Plane” whenever I wanted to). She continued to do the pointing at the heart thing and then after a little while they deactivated me.

I saw Alex Jones. I either mentioned to him or someone else about the cloning centers. His back was towards me. He had a piece of paper on top of something and on it, it basically said not to help Don (Donald Marshall) anymore. I can’t recall exactly what it said though.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Creature Tore Me To Pieces

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The illusions around me I believe was the inside of the bathroom from one of the apartments where I use to live at. Someone showed me like a creature on a screen and I said something about how it looks weird or whatever. The dude said how it’s not or how I shouldn’t say that. Basically, they were just looking for an excuse to get me. What was the excuse? Obviously that I insulted whatever it was that I had seen. Anyways, there was this creature that seemed kinda big (I would say what I think it was but then it might get me, so I won’t) and I believe they put MK visuals (looked similar to a muzzle) over the creatures face because I guess it was too scary-looking. After a little while, I said to it/them like, “you wanna fight? c’mon motherfu**a”. I went to swing at it and it got me. It or they tore me to pieces. I was all cut up (I assume it was the creature that did this).

Same day...part two. I was at some place (looked similar to maybe a temple), it was pretty big. I was climbing on something attached to the wall because there were these tall human-like things going after me. I don’t know whether they were real or not. The whole experience was weird.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Day I Posted About MK Ultra...

Last year when I gathered everything that Donald Marshall had said about MK Ultra and posted it (with the image above) all over Facebook (including on my wall)...

It may have been the same day but I'm not sure...Anyways, I was at the cc's walking around. I believe it was some-what dark. Some dude was standing nearby (I think others were there as well). I heard him say telepathically/mentally (probably wasn't suppose to hear him i assume) something like, "if he only knew how his head looks." After a little while, my brain fell out of my head (I felt this, it was disturbing) and onto the floor. My consciousness went with it. I was just laying there on the ground conscious. I knew all that was me at that point was my brain (if you know what I mean). I obviously couldn't do anything. I think I was still able to see too.

I think it's safe to say that they didn't like me sharing that info with everyone lol.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Knew Freddy Would Get Me

Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015

I knew they would most likely get me for posting about Chipheads on my Google+ because that’s their biggest secret and the only one that Donald Marshall wasn’t suppose to talk about. I didn’t care, posted it anyway (on Feb. 25) lol. Next day, they got me...

A group of people attacked me and cut up me up. With what? I have no idea. It was kind-of crazy and happened so fast. I was trying to escape but they were all over me. I recall seeing some Asian dudes near me...

I got up and grabbed a flat head screwdriver from this dude that just used it on me or was about to. I was staring at him like, “what’s wrong with you”. I was trying to remember how he looks for when I wake up.

This girl was annoying...forgot what she did but I pushed her face in a plate of food and wasn’t satisfied, so I picked it up and shoved it into her face lol. I laughed as I walked away...

I recall levitating (MK visuals) and going through some stuff. At one point, as I was trying to go through a wall, I had some trouble. Some dude commented about how or why I’m not just going through. 

I was somewhere surrounded by windows (pretty sure it was MK illusions). I used MK Ultra to do some sort-of energy burst/blast to shatter the glass. I had a little trouble with one...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

One person was trying to make me become unaware by talking gibberish. I knew he was trying to confuse me in hopes that I would become unaware. I said “you can’t trick me”. I said in my mind and/or verbally, “I know I’m at the cloning centers". I was walking like I own the place. 

I saw a group of people sitting down and I pointed at random people and said, “clone clone clone clone clone...”. There’s was some commotion after that and they deactivated me. The people must have been asking what I meant by that and what I was talking about.

They were doing something to me remotely to my clone me. It’s hard to explain...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I recall sitting down in front of what may have been a computer (not sure...maybe it wasn’t anything). Some dude simply snapped his fingers or something and my head fell down. I don’t know, some mind-control or drugs. I was trying to remember something in my mind while this was happening.


Freddy gunna getchu while you sleep n bring bout them nightmares
bi-polar Illuminuts colder than the air surroundin them white bears

Monday, January 26, 2015


Sunday, January 25, 2015

The scenery faded was kind-of blurry at first. I saw my brother sitting down on the ground. I was fully aware but I didn’t want them to know yet. I wanted to “get them”. I said to my brother something like “I have something to tell you”. I then said slowly after waiting a little while, “I know you’re a clone”. I stood up laughing (this was basically me saying “ha, you tried to trick me but I’m aware)...I mentioned MK Ultra too. Then, they must have deactivated me and then activated me in another clone or something because all of a sudden, I couldn’t really see (or couldn’t see at all) and they were attacking me. I believe someone had a power drill to my abdomen and something was being done to my face. I said “please stop”.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some dude was dragging me towards a car that was parked. This seemed real by the way. What I mean is, that it seemed like this may have occurred above ground outside somewhere. Anyways, I wasn’t in the mood, so I kicked one of the car windows and the glass broke. The person now dragged me in the direction of where I just came from. I was in trouble I guess. I remained calm. There were one or two people holding a bat. There was like a tree stump nearby too. It looked-like I was going to be tied to it and then beaten with a bat. One dude had a knife in his hand and was sharpening it or just playing with it. After a little while, I closed my eyes and focused on transferring my consciousness back to my real body that was lying down in bed. 

My brother was putting some-sort of liquid in my mouth. There were others nearby as well all over me. I tried not to swallow whatever it was. I was pissed. I said to him something like “what the fuck was that”? over and over again. He didn’t respond. I pushed him and he was now up against this thing, like a wall of wires or something. I was acting crazy...I wanted an explanation for what he just did and I wanted him to tell me what was that liquid that went in my mouth. Someone out-of no-where had what I thought was a machete in the distance. My attention was now on him. I tried to push this table towards my brother because it seemed like he was trapped in between those wires or whatever. The intent was to free him. The dude hit my brother twice with a hammer and ran. My brother was on the floor...

A dude bit my fingers and I felt pain. I told him my pain sensors are on. He said something about how would it feel or whatever, if I was to get my finger (s) cut up...I responded saying how it would really hurt.

I remember visualizing some stuff...One of the things I envisioned was a crown. There was like a shadow of what I was visualizing on a white surface. Someone or some people for whatever reason, said what it was that I was visualizing. I recall saying “killuminati” several times as well.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Analyze My Brain

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I was aware flying around somewhere (appeared to be indoors). MK Ultra visuals of course...the flying looks real and feels real. Impressive. I saw a police woman wearing a cap and on the cap had the letters R - L - V. I believe those were the letters. I was trying to remember it because I was thinking maybe that would be helpful in finding out where that cloning center is located or something. I think they knew I was trying to remember the letters because it seemed like they used MK Ultra to block/mess up the letter in the center. I'm not 100% sure that the middle letter was an L but the letters were separated by hyphens. They told me they wanted to analyze my brain. I think they were going to do something, like hook something up to my brain perhaps. Yeah, like that sounds like something I would be interested in lol. I focused on waking my real body up and even trying to tell it in my mind "wake up"! I was visualizing me shaking my real body as well. Not too long after, I woke up.