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Friday, January 16, 2015


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some dude was dragging me towards a car that was parked. This seemed real by the way. What I mean is, that it seemed like this may have occurred above ground outside somewhere. Anyways, I wasn’t in the mood, so I kicked one of the car windows and the glass broke. The person now dragged me in the direction of where I just came from. I was in trouble I guess. I remained calm. There were one or two people holding a bat. There was like a tree stump nearby too. It looked-like I was going to be tied to it and then beaten with a bat. One dude had a knife in his hand and was sharpening it or just playing with it. After a little while, I closed my eyes and focused on transferring my consciousness back to my real body that was lying down in bed. 

My brother was putting some-sort of liquid in my mouth. There were others nearby as well all over me. I tried not to swallow whatever it was. I was pissed. I said to him something like “what the fuck was that”? over and over again. He didn’t respond. I pushed him and he was now up against this thing, like a wall of wires or something. I was acting crazy...I wanted an explanation for what he just did and I wanted him to tell me what was that liquid that went in my mouth. Someone out-of no-where had what I thought was a machete in the distance. My attention was now on him. I tried to push this table towards my brother because it seemed like he was trapped in between those wires or whatever. The intent was to free him. The dude hit my brother twice with a hammer and ran. My brother was on the floor...

A dude bit my fingers and I felt pain. I told him my pain sensors are on. He said something about how would it feel or whatever, if I was to get my finger (s) cut up...I responded saying how it would really hurt.

I remember visualizing some stuff...One of the things I envisioned was a crown. There was like a shadow of what I was visualizing on a white surface. Someone or some people for whatever reason, said what it was that I was visualizing. I recall saying “killuminati” several times as well.

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