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Monday, March 23, 2015

Creature Tore Me To Pieces

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The illusions around me I believe was the inside of the bathroom from one of the apartments where I use to live at. Someone showed me like a creature on a screen and I said something about how it looks weird or whatever. The dude said how it’s not or how I shouldn’t say that. Basically, they were just looking for an excuse to get me. What was the excuse? Obviously that I insulted whatever it was that I had seen. Anyways, there was this creature that seemed kinda big (I would say what I think it was but then it might get me, so I won’t) and I believe they put MK visuals (looked similar to a muzzle) over the creatures face because I guess it was too scary-looking. After a little while, I said to it/them like, “you wanna fight? c’mon motherfu**a”. I went to swing at it and it got me. It or they tore me to pieces. I was all cut up (I assume it was the creature that did this).

Same day...part two. I was at some place (looked similar to maybe a temple), it was pretty big. I was climbing on something attached to the wall because there were these tall human-like things going after me. I don’t know whether they were real or not. The whole experience was weird.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Day I Posted About MK Ultra...

Last year when I gathered everything that Donald Marshall had said about MK Ultra and posted it (with the image above) all over Facebook (including on my wall)...

It may have been the same day but I'm not sure...Anyways, I was at the cc's walking around. I believe it was some-what dark. Some dude was standing nearby (I think others were there as well). I heard him say telepathically/mentally (probably wasn't suppose to hear him i assume) something like, "if he only knew how his head looks." After a little while, my brain fell out of my head (I felt this, it was disturbing) and onto the floor. My consciousness went with it. I was just laying there on the ground conscious. I knew all that was me at that point was my brain (if you know what I mean). I obviously couldn't do anything. I think I was still able to see too.

I think it's safe to say that they didn't like me sharing that info with everyone lol.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Knew Freddy Would Get Me

Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015

I knew they would most likely get me for posting about Chipheads on my Google+ because that’s their biggest secret and the only one that Donald Marshall wasn’t suppose to talk about. I didn’t care, posted it anyway (on Feb. 25) lol. Next day, they got me...

A group of people attacked me and cut up me up. With what? I have no idea. It was kind-of crazy and happened so fast. I was trying to escape but they were all over me. I recall seeing some Asian dudes near me...

I got up and grabbed a flat head screwdriver from this dude that just used it on me or was about to. I was staring at him like, “what’s wrong with you”. I was trying to remember how he looks for when I wake up.

This girl was annoying...forgot what she did but I pushed her face in a plate of food and wasn’t satisfied, so I picked it up and shoved it into her face lol. I laughed as I walked away...

I recall levitating (MK visuals) and going through some stuff. At one point, as I was trying to go through a wall, I had some trouble. Some dude commented about how or why I’m not just going through. 

I was somewhere surrounded by windows (pretty sure it was MK illusions). I used MK Ultra to do some sort-of energy burst/blast to shatter the glass. I had a little trouble with one...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

One person was trying to make me become unaware by talking gibberish. I knew he was trying to confuse me in hopes that I would become unaware. I said “you can’t trick me”. I said in my mind and/or verbally, “I know I’m at the cloning centers". I was walking like I own the place. 

I saw a group of people sitting down and I pointed at random people and said, “clone clone clone clone clone...”. There’s was some commotion after that and they deactivated me. The people must have been asking what I meant by that and what I was talking about.

They were doing something to me remotely to my clone me. It’s hard to explain...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I recall sitting down in front of what may have been a computer (not sure...maybe it wasn’t anything). Some dude simply snapped his fingers or something and my head fell down. I don’t know, some mind-control or drugs. I was trying to remember something in my mind while this was happening.


Freddy gunna getchu while you sleep n bring bout them nightmares
bi-polar Illuminuts colder than the air surroundin them white bears