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Monday, March 23, 2015

Creature Tore Me To Pieces

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The illusions around me I believe was the inside of the bathroom from one of the apartments where I use to live at. Someone showed me like a creature on a screen and I said something about how it looks weird or whatever. The dude said how it’s not or how I shouldn’t say that. Basically, they were just looking for an excuse to get me. What was the excuse? Obviously that I insulted whatever it was that I had seen. Anyways, there was this creature that seemed kinda big (I would say what I think it was but then it might get me, so I won’t) and I believe they put MK visuals (looked similar to a muzzle) over the creatures face because I guess it was too scary-looking. After a little while, I said to it/them like, “you wanna fight? c’mon motherfu**a”. I went to swing at it and it got me. It or they tore me to pieces. I was all cut up (I assume it was the creature that did this).

Same day...part two. I was at some place (looked similar to maybe a temple), it was pretty big. I was climbing on something attached to the wall because there were these tall human-like things going after me. I don’t know whether they were real or not. The whole experience was weird.

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