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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Nostradamus Picture Plate #38

Originally posted and experienced I believe on August 28, 2014

I was very tired and sleepy out-of no-where today (felt like it was them that did this remotely). they did this to me yesterday too (and other times) and I was going to go with it (meaning go to sleep) but as I was laying down, they mark 3'd me a few times briefly...some of the things were drowning and a hook in my eye, so I decided to get back up lol.

anyways, today they did the same and I just knew (or felt like) that they wanted me there at the cloning centers for whatever reason. I went with it this time...I was standing in a room and there were many many people sitting down at tables around me. now I was fully aware and calm but not feeling 100% (a little confusing to explain). I was trying to become more aware by focusing and with will-power (I use to do this when I thought it was the astral plane back then). there was a creature in front of me kinda small in size (several feet in length I would say) and like dark brownish in color. it had some like weird-looking things attached to the sides, guess it was suppose to be wings (?). when I saw it I instantly said “fake” with no expression on my face. I heard someone saying to someone else like “I told you..." I felt like he was basically saying to the person that he knew I would probably know it’s fake. the creature told me “fuck you” in a weird voice lol and people laughed. I was thinking in my mind “Nephilim” and how they can talk. I was surprised that it talked or at least appeared to. I wasn’t really paying attention to it the whole time there though. I was just trying to walk around and find something to do. someone had eventually got me from behind and held my arms behind my back. before or after this happened, the creature was nearby and I touched that winged (or whatever) part of it and it felt warm. it somehow came off/fell off from the creature...

that's what it looked-like [the brownish creature in the picture above]...notice the timing (once again like the Kelly Ripa thing) of the experience. Don posted about this today and I had this experience today. wtf.

I knew they wanted me there. wow...I can't believe I may have actually seen the real thing. why they added fake wings or whatever to the sides of it, I don't know.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Taken For A Ride

Today at the Cloning Centers...

I was activated sitting down in the backseat of a car and someone was driving me somewhere. There was a dude (driver?) in front of me in the passengers side. I said in my mind, “I’m aware”. I punched the dude in the back of the head and his head bounced forward. I believe I began forcefully laughing. They deactivated me and activated me again in the car. The deactivation of my clone and reactivation seem like it took a second or two. I was still aware. Now the dude was to my left. I guess they thought that I would become unaware by switching a few things up or something. However, this did not work as I was still aware. I was sitting down but this time they paralyzed me. I told the dude mentally, “watcha gunna do when the populace tears you to shreds?” He looked at me...seemed like he was slightly concerned. I stared at him and said, “fearless” (referring to my self). They then deactivated me again.

I was in some place, which appeared to be indoors...Others were there too. I was throwing stuff everywhere because I was angry. Flipped a table over or two.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Alien Threat - Closing Gates Of Hades

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 (Closing Gates of Hades)

I was somewhere, it seemed pretty big. It was kinda dark. There were others there in the distance. For some reason, I was calling the people there “pu**y.” Then, just moments after...I couldn’t see and something bit my hand and crushed it. I felt the pain and I was screaming. Nephilim told me (it sounded the same as in the video below), “we don’t want you talking about us.” I said, “okay okay.” I was then deactivated. This is first ever alien threat. They might get me for posting this.

I told Donald Marshall via Skype, that I couldn’t tell him what happened (when I mentioned about feeling pain at the Cloning Centers). Well, now I said what happened. I don’t like being told what to do.

Video of creature...voice can be heard at approx. 1:52:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

You're All Dead

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I was walking somewhere and I said, “I’m aware.” Then, I was laughing and they did something to my neck that caused some pain and pressure? I don’t think I saw anything while this was happening.

I was in an area standing and nearby was Ariana Grande. Standing across from me was Snoop Dogg and I believe to the left of him was another celebrity. I was angry. I was trying to get Snoop’s attention and said his name out loud. Then, I said, “fu** you Snoop.” I was saying, “you’re all dead.” I think I said something to Ariana but I was like being a smart a**/ cocky. They kept taking away my ability to speak somehow. When I couldn’t talk verbally, I used Artificial Telepathy to communicate.

Some dude told me, “we have to figure out something to do to you.” I told them how they can’t...

I was sitting down somewhere (don’t know if that’s how I was activated). Some dude was trying to do something to me and I was resisting/blocking. I said, “what are you going to do, paralyze me?”

Someone I guess threw something at me and I ducked down/moved out-of the way several times. The rotating object kept coming towards me (probably was MK Ultra visual). I then stood still and tried to focus on stopping it with my mind. Didn’t seem like it had any effect though.

I entered a room and there was a huge screen to my right and some smaller screens to my left. There was a group of people sitting down on chairs. I decided to sit down and see what will happen. I also wanted to remember what I was seeing for when I wake up. On the huge screen was some cartoon playing. I don’t remember exactly what was on the smaller screens. There was a man to my right near the large screen sitting down and I felt like he and possibly someone else was in control of the area that I was in. It seemed like I was invisible to everyone, like they were ignoring my presence.

I thought I woke up (False Awakening) and I either got out of the shower or I was automatically wet lol. I attempted to put my hand thru the mirror to test whether I was really up or not and it went thru. I said, “I’m at the cloning centers.”

They showed me some dude using some device or software to change his voice to someone else’s. I said something like, “I already know about voice modifying software.” They tried to correct me...

We were talking about Tila Tequila’s Cloning Centers radio show and it seems like they were trying to make me think that it may have not been her that was on radio. I think it had to do with the device or software that changed one’s voice. I said (or just thought?) that I believe it was really her (Tila). I and/or they may have mentioned Donald Marshall. 

I was in a small area similar to an elevator shaft. There was either stairs or just like metal bars. I was hanging (?). My brother was there and I felt like this was the end. I told him to hold in the pain. I fell or something. This big spider (?) monster thing got me and that was it. Don’t know if it was just an illusion or not. It all happened fast.


free-will line was drawn, shoulda never crossed there
Illuminati members remember you walk around wit cross-hairs

Monday, April 6, 2015

Electrical Current

I believe in September or October 2014...

This is around the time when I began feeling pressure, vibrations/tingling sensations and sometimes pain in the center of my chest.

I was laying on the floor on some sofa cushions in a different room because it was really difficult to sleep in my room. They kept doing stuff to me at the cloning centers and in real body randomly. For example, they would make my brain hurt and burn (real body) for hours and hours. They somehow was able to do this right when I was about to go to sleep as well. I assume maybe they timed it perfectly because of bouncing back time? Then, they would know of course what time I went to sleep that day, right?

I eventually went to sleep and I believe at first I was activated standing up somewhere...I felt like they were going to do what Don talked about when they kill a person remotely, which is apply a constant electrical current to the clone. The person dies of a heart attack or aneurysm the same day or the next day. This is a little hard to remember...Anyways, I think I overheard them talking about it or something. I was deactivated and then activated laying down on a table. There was at least one man nearby (may have been holding wires or something). I knew what was going to happen. I said something like, “please don’t...Army of Light, we’re not suppose to be harmed or killed.” He (or another dude) said, “we’re ready.” They attached wires (?) to me and I felt what I would say was an electrical current going through me. I was trying to force my consciousness to go back to my real body by focusing. I was then deactivated or woke up by chance. After a little while, I went back to sleep and was activated on the table again. This was unbelievably annoying and disturbing. Hard to go to sleep after that (and I mean everyday not just that day).

Not sure if this was the same day or not....

Once again, I went to sleep same way as described above. I was walking around somewhere indoors. I had headphones on for some reason. This girl walked by and said I look-like David Blaine. There were people everywhere. I was sitting down...didn’t know what to do or say. This man said something like, “we watched your videos and we don’t like..." At one point, I began pulling off something that was attached to my neck. I think the object (s) was red. Some dude said, “they might kill you.” I was trying to hide behind something...

Alex Jones Told Me...

Monday, April 6, 2015

I guess I was semi-aware or something...There was this girl that pointed at my heart (may have actually touched my chest). I felt some pain/discomfort. I was trying to hold it in at first and act as if it was no big deal but then I said, “okay okay, I’ll leave.” What I meant was that I’ll willingly try to transfer my consciousness back to my real body (which is what I use to do sometimes when I use to believe that I was in control the whole time and could leave the “Astral Plane” whenever I wanted to). She continued to do the pointing at the heart thing and then after a little while they deactivated me.

I saw Alex Jones. I either mentioned to him or someone else about the cloning centers. His back was towards me. He had a piece of paper on top of something and on it, it basically said not to help Don (Donald Marshall) anymore. I can’t recall exactly what it said though.