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Monday, April 6, 2015

Electrical Current

I believe in September or October 2014...

This is around the time when I began feeling pressure, vibrations/tingling sensations and sometimes pain in the center of my chest.

I was laying on the floor on some sofa cushions in a different room because it was really difficult to sleep in my room. They kept doing stuff to me at the cloning centers and in real body randomly. For example, they would make my brain hurt and burn (real body) for hours and hours. They somehow was able to do this right when I was about to go to sleep as well. I assume maybe they timed it perfectly because of bouncing back time? Then, they would know of course what time I went to sleep that day, right?

I eventually went to sleep and I believe at first I was activated standing up somewhere...I felt like they were going to do what Don talked about when they kill a person remotely, which is apply a constant electrical current to the clone. The person dies of a heart attack or aneurysm the same day or the next day. This is a little hard to remember...Anyways, I think I overheard them talking about it or something. I was deactivated and then activated laying down on a table. There was at least one man nearby (may have been holding wires or something). I knew what was going to happen. I said something like, “please don’t...Army of Light, we’re not suppose to be harmed or killed.” He (or another dude) said, “we’re ready.” They attached wires (?) to me and I felt what I would say was an electrical current going through me. I was trying to force my consciousness to go back to my real body by focusing. I was then deactivated or woke up by chance. After a little while, I went back to sleep and was activated on the table again. This was unbelievably annoying and disturbing. Hard to go to sleep after that (and I mean everyday not just that day).

Not sure if this was the same day or not....

Once again, I went to sleep same way as described above. I was walking around somewhere indoors. I had headphones on for some reason. This girl walked by and said I look-like David Blaine. There were people everywhere. I was sitting down...didn’t know what to do or say. This man said something like, “we watched your videos and we don’t like..." At one point, I began pulling off something that was attached to my neck. I think the object (s) was red. Some dude said, “they might kill you.” I was trying to hide behind something...

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